Siluanov explained the delay of payments of foreign countries with sanctions

The growth of overdue debts of foreign States and legal entities linked to Russia with “sanctions consequences,” said first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov. According to the chamber, the delay increased to $3.5 billion

Anton Siluanov

(Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti)

“There were some delays in payments [foreign] organizations; [it is] the consequences of sanctions”, — said the first Vice Premier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, answering the question RBC about the reasons for the growth of overdue debts of foreign States and their legal entities.

Siluanov did not disclose which countries and organizations. A program of bilateral government loans to Russia is the secrecy.

The overdue debt of foreign governments (legal persons) to the Russian Federation for 2017 increased by $3.5 billion (+36%) and at the beginning of 2018, totaled $13 billion, posted previously by RBC , citing data from the audit chamber. This is due to “non-payment by the countries-debtors of the relevant payments required by intergovernmental agreements,” said the chamber.

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