The Russians reached the final of Kubatana

Four of the five Russian teams are represented on Kubatana (Cybathlon) — first international competition for people with disabilities who use assistive devices — reached the final of the championship. Qualification on 8 October in Zurich, has collected 25 teams and more than five thousand spectators.

The Russians fought for the championship in five disciplines. On the route the active leg prostheses (LEG) team compatriots ORTOKOSMOS took 4-th place. Self-development — prosthesis with hydraulic knee joint, allowed them to around the world competitors from Germany, Japan and Belgium. Team CaterWil also participated in the race in electrified wheelchairs (WHEEL) with its own development, eventually finishing in 6th place.

NeuroWalk team took 7 th place in the overall standings of the race with the use of exoskeleton (EXO), and the team Neurobotics — 5 in the discipline of BCI (the passage of the road paralyzed by the member using the interface brain-computer). In the race pilots with power prosthetic hand (ARM) team Stradivary entered the top ten world producers of prostheses.

Successful performance has allowed the Russian team to become second in the number of teams to reach the final. “It is important to understand that Ciatlon — not so much sporting competitions of people with disabilities, how many competition of technologies in which different countries have demonstrated their scientific and engineering achievements,” — said acting General Director of RVC Eugeny Kuznetsov. Qualification, he said, showed that Russia “can and should compete with the world’s leading manufacturers in the market of assistive technologies.”

Source: press release

Samsung officially refused of production Note7

As a result of a scandal involving a potential risk of fire Note7 Galaxy, Samsung announced the definitive halt of production and sales of its flagship phablet. On the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer formally notified regulators in South Korea.

Galaxy Note7, shown in August, has collected very positive reviews in the press. The launch of the phablet, which was considered the main competitor to the iPhone 7, was overshadowed by incidents involving a faulty battery — it could catch fire and explode while charging.

See also: Samsung asks owners Note 7 to stop using them

Samsung has tried to rectify the situation: the company has recalled all 2.5 million of the already implemented devices and changed them with new ones. However, a few days ago it became known that the fire affected even the model of the “fixed” party. As a result the Korean firm asked partners around the world to stop sale and replacement Note7, and device owners can turn off and stop using them.

Analysts admit that the company may permanently abandon the Galaxy Note brand, which the scandal has caused irreparable damage. “Samsung need to act quickly and move forward to protect its brand image,” said Sanford C. Bernstein analyst mark Newman. According to him, the supposedly “fixed” batch of devices “raises serious questions” about the initial explanation of the defect.

According to the Daniel Kim, analyst at Macquarie Seoul, for the remaining three months of the year loss Samsung can reach 3.1 trillion won ($2.8 billion), which eliminates the profit in just mobile division of the company for the IV quarter. Shares of the manufacturer, writes The Wall Street Journal, is already heavily reduced in price. In today’s trading Samsung securities fell by 8%, resulting in its market capitalization declined by $17 billion. The fall was the strongest in one day since 2008.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

ArtPC Pulse: cylindrical PC

Samsung showed off the PC, dressed in a black cylindrical shell as a Mac Pro from Apple. New computer — ArtPC Pulse has a high-performance filling and a rich set of ports. On its rear side is equipped with four USB Type-A single USB Type-C, audio, Ethernet, HDMI, reader SD memory cards, as well as a vertical connector for the power supply.

PC Samsung is thinner and lighter (3.3 kg, diameter — 5.5 inch) Mac Pro (5 kg 6,6″), but the top — a 360-degree speaker from Harmon Kardon — makes it above (in the Apple — only integrated speaker). However, ArtPC Pulse is positioned as a device for entertainment, not a professional workstation. Acer computers are equipped with 4-core chips Skylake Core i5-or i7 processor 6400-6700 — powerful solutions, but not such as 6-, 8-, and 12-core processors in the older models of Macs.

The basic model of the Pulse (Core i5) will sell for $1200, the most tricked out (Core i7) for $1600. The first bundle includes 8 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD, NVMe and 256GB, the second — the “RAM” up to 16 GB and a secondary hard disk on 1 terabyte. Both models are equipped with graphics entry-level — Radeon RX 460 with 2 GB VRAM (good enough for gaming in Full HD, but not 4K or virtual reality). Work PC on the spetsizdanie Signature Edition, which suggests “naked” installation of Windows 10 without any additional apps and services.

The novelty has already available for pre-order in the online store Amazon. The start of deliveries on October 28.

Source: Ars Technica

Gadgets for the week: from the “Russian iPhone” to robodance

Terabyte SD card, the latest phone of Microsoft, the new model of frameless notebook Dell, robosonic, foldable drone GoPro, the modular digital camera the Hasselblad, samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers Nike and “Russian iPhone” for $130. On these and other technology updates — weekly digest of News.Hi-tech.

Latest mobile phone Microsoft

Company surprise of many, Microsoft has introduced a new phone under the Nokia brand. 216-I model represents the usual “dialer” in the classic form factor of candy bar with a button keyboard. It works on the operating system Series 30+, and the battery capacity (1020 mAh) in standby mode will last for almost a month.

The design of the device — a tribute to classic Nokia early 2000s. it is equipped with LCD 2.4 inch (240×320), microSD slot (up to 32GB), 16 megabytes of RAM, a 0.3-megapixel main and front VGA-camera. Weight is 82.6 grams.

In India Nokia 216 can be purchased for $38. The sales will start on October 24. Also the device will be available in versions with two SIM cards (Dual Sim). Most likely, 216-l model is the latest “dialer”, which released Microsoft. Earlier this year, the company sold the business a “stupid” mobile phones released under the Nokia brand.

“Russian iPhone”

The holding company Ruselectronics, which is part of state Corporation rostec, is leading the development of the Russian analogue of the iPhone. As announced on a press-conferences the General Director of holding Igor Kozlov, domestic alternative to the Apple smartphone will be on store shelves in 2018.

According to him, the device design “Roselektronika” will be comparable in quality to the “iPhone”, but considerably inferior to the American counterpart in value. “In 2018 we will be his ‘Patriotic iPhone’, which will cost on the shelves for about $130,” said Kozlov.

Now Ruselectronics is in the process of restructuring. As expected, the changes will allow state-owned companies to increase volumes of production of civil products below by 2025, it accounted for 40% of revenues (currently 15%, the remaining 85% comes from military products).

Samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers Nike

Nike announced the date of sales of “smart” running shoes, equipped with system of automatic lacing. As reported by PR-Director of Heidi Burgett, in the USA production model HyperAdapt 1.0 can be bought on November 28.

It will be sold only in “some” salons Nike. In this way, customers who want to try smart footwear, will have to pre-fill out an online application. As expected, the price of new items will be announced in the coming weeks.

At 1.0 HyperAdapt laces tied by themselves as soon as the pressure sensors will feel the heel. Wearing “shoes of the future”, the user can adjust the tightening force, pressing the two buttons on the side. The new model will be available in three colors.

Unmanned boats will clean the canals of Amsterdam

The canal system of Amsterdam is one of the oldest in Europe. Today the Dutch capital permeates more than one hundred kilometers of canals, built in the XVII century, scientists have proposed to solve some of their problems through robotics.

The new project is called Roboat, worked together engineers from the Institute of advanced solutions city of Amsterdam, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Technological University of Delft and University of Wageningen. Scientists have promised to launch an unmanned surface ships and submarines in the channel in 2017.

It is planned that underwater robots will remove floating debris and clean the bottom from discarded bicycles. The latter, incidentally, are many: according to statistics, every year in the canals of Amsterdam gets about 12 thousand bikes. Now to clear the bottom use special boats with a low draft that have the buckets the handles, but they do not guarantee complete cleaning of the bottom, besides the process takes quite a long time.

The modular digital camera the Hasselblad

The Swedish manufacturer of photographic equipment Hasselblad to own the 75th anniversary came up with the concept of a modular camera V1D. Camera medium format, the design of which was inspired by the classic V-series will be equipped with a 75-megapixel sensor with a square aspect ratio.

Hallmark V1D is the ability to connect to the apparatus interchangeable blocks-modules that extend its functions. Without them, the camera is a simple “black box” with basic controls and the handle. The device Hasselblad, for example, can be complemented by screen, viewfinder, wireless module or an additional battery.

If the company plans to release an experimental camera on the market, not specified. The cost of X1D, is also unknown.

SD card on terabytes


SanDisk — brand Western Digital showed a prototype of a SDXC highest capacity: 1 terabyte. The novelty was presented in the framework of the international exhibition photo and video industry Photokina 2016 in Cologne.

Terabyte SD card-SanDisk groundwork for the future. It can be used to store content in the highest resolution in two or three years, when 4K and 8K, the technology of virtual reality and 360 video will become standard. Professional cameramen and photographers who need to record the content in the best possible quality right now, not being distracted by the replacement of the SD card will be able to benefit from the development of SanDisk soon.

However, as shown on exhibit SD-card 1 TB — so far, the prototype. The release date of the finished product. as well as the price for Western Digital did not mention.

Folding drone GoPro

Manufacturer of action cameras for surfers, divers, skiers and extreme sports GoPro introduced its first drone. Foldable quadcopter Karma has a top speed of 56 km/h, rises to a height of up to 4.5 km and comes in a compact case that fits in your backpack.

A distinctive feature of novelty — the ability to replace defective parts, including blades and a three-axis stabilizer. Karma release is scheduled for October 23. In the USA the novelty will be sold for $799, complete with a new action camera Hero5 Black — $1099. It’s $100 cheaper 4 from DJI Phantom, equipped with sensors that avoid collisions (from drone GoPro are none), but $100 more expensive than the Phantom 3 Professional drone the latest generation made by the same Chinese company.

In addition to Karma, GoPro announced two new cameras: Hero Hero 5 Black and 5 Session equipped with a water-resistant housing (can be submerged up to 10 meters), as well as support for voice commands. New ($399) has a 2-inch touchscreen, GPS module, auto-stabilization, the ability to shoot video in 4K resolution and 12-megapixel still photos and also record stereo sound thanks to the three microphones.

Robot puppy

American Ghost Robotics company introduced a new product. Their new robot Minitaur (Minitaur), with a length of about 40 centimeters, reminiscent of the behavior of the puppy or fairy tale humpbacked horse, but most of all he is perhaps similar to the Indicator – color box with legs from the cartoon “Mystery of the third planet”.

The main features of the development of steel engines with high torque and legs of special design, which allow Minotauro to reach speeds in excess of 7 kilometers per hour and overcome a variety of obstacles, such as stairs or a four-foot fence, which is not under the power of existing commercial wheeled and tracked robots.

Managing computer Minitaur can be set to one of the variants of gait. For example, the robot can walk, gallop, run, trot and jump on all four legs, as do some species of gazelles. It is worth noting that the company is from Philadelphia while not positioning your robot as a mechanical pet. The project authors believe that their development can serve a more important search-and-rescue, military and other purposes, in particular where the need for accurate reconnaissance.

The best laptop Dell new model

Dell showed a new version of the XPS 13, has earned the title of one of the best ultrabooks 2015. Sample model 2016, which is famous for the unique combination of the housing 11-inch laptop and a frameless 13-inch display, is equipped with modern Intel 7th generation HD graphics 620.

Kaby Lake processors and integrated graphics make the XPS 13 suitable for playing games and watching 4K video. There was also increased battery capacity: 56 to 60 watt-hours. Other changes include a faster wireless Wi-Fi adapter Killer 1535 and higher speed RAM module 16 GB (LPDDR3-2133 vs LPDDR3-1866). In addition, an ultrabook available in new colors — “rose gold”.

In the rest of the new XPS 13 is almost identical to last year’s model. The device attracts the attention of an incredibly thin frame (5.2 mm) surrounding the 13.3-inch screen — it seems that it is not at all. The laptop casing is made of aluminum which has been subjected to machining, and carbon fiber, which helped the XPS 13 to keep modest weight (1,17—of 1.27 kilograms, depending on configuration and the availability of the touch screen).

U.S. sales will begin on 4 October. XPS 13 2016 in the base set will cost $799, in the color “rose gold” — from $1499.

Gadgets for the week: from iPhone 7 to related “smart” taxi

Review of related iPhone 7, the cheapest 360-degree 4K camera, secret mobile Google, eagles vs drones, nanorisk, secure smartphones for “Gazprom”, the review of the laptop HP Spectre 13 and “the wire” for AirPods. About these and other new products of the week — digest News.Hi-tech.

iPhone 7: answers to 7 major questions

News.Hi-tech has studied the related iPhone 7 in the American media and shared the answers to the main questions about the new Apple that appeared after the launch of devices. That’s what will interest potenially buyers of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

1. “Black onyx”: slippery or not, much soiled and scratched? But just “black”?
2. The battery do last longer than iPhone 6s?
3. Camera: as far as noticeable differences compared to the iPhone 6s?
4. Wireless AirPods: how about the sound quality? How many pieces can you lose in a week?
5. Protection from water: really works?
6. Touch button: terrible or not?
7. And most importantly: is there life without an audio Jack?

The answers to these questions, as well as the evaluation of “sevens” in English IT press, you will find in the review of reviews editor of the News.Hi-tech Nicholas Belkin.

Smartphones for Gazprom

The company Samsung has started to supply to “Gazprom” smartphones on their own operating system Tizen. As the President told the South Korean manufacturer sun Jin Pak, “operating system” has a high degree of protection, so Samsung is also counting on interest from Russian government agencies.

Tizen based on Linux kernel of the mobile OS is open source, actively developed and supported by Samsung. The system has already passed the state certification according to the security requirements of the FSTEC of Russia. Apart from Gazprom, secure Tizen smartphones already ordered the Ministry of communications.

“We have already started to put our devices in ‘Gazprom’, and, as far as we know, the Russian government has also praised our phone for safe technology,” said Pak. In his words, Russian government agencies “requires secure devices, and Galaxy on the operating system Tizen is made with a high degree of secrecy.”

The cheapest 360-degree 4K camera

On the website of “national” investment Kickstarter funded VR cheap camera Camorama, which can capture video in 4K resolution with full, 360-degree viewing angle. The owners Camorama can arrange a “live” video broadcast on YouTube and Facebook in panoramic mode.

For a more complete immersion in what is happening, you can use Google cardboard — cardboard VR glasses, and to watch 360-degree videos on an Android smartphone. Camorama has a waterproof casing on the magnets, 4K sensor Sony IMX377 (the maximum resolution is 2880×2880), wide angle lens, Wi-Fi module, microphone and speaker, battery capacity — 1300 mAh.

The maximum duration of one video recorded in 4K quality, 90 minutes. The device weighs about 120 grams. Via USB port you can connect the camera to a Windows computer or “Mac”, but for full editing 4K video on a mobile device, requires iPhone 6S and older.

“The wire” for AirPods

Future owners AirPods, who are afraid of losing wireless headphones Apple company Spigen has offered to buy them a binding lace for $10. The accessory is a conventional “wire”, which holds both the earpiece. No electronics inside.

New you can pre-order in the online store Amazon, and in sale it will arrive on October 17. Sale themselves AirPods, the recall will start in late next month. In the United States “ears” will be sold for $159 in Russia for 12 990 rubles. The kit includes headphones charger case and Lightning to USB cable.

The fear of losing expensive AirPods — perhaps a far-fetched problem, but because manufacturers of accessories try to solve the inconvenience generated by the design decisions of Apple. Another example is the Lightning adapter Audio + Charge RockStar from the company Belikin, which allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone 7 and listen to music. Splitter will be sold for $40.

Overview: the HP Spectre 13

These alternatives to thin and light laptops from computer manufacturers with the Windows disappointingly small. That is, ultrabook clones in silver-colored aluminum and confusingly similar design just weight. But really the original model, not copying, but trying to surpass, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

One such alternative is the HP Spectre, which combines design, anodised grey-brown aluminium case and black carbon fiber bottom cover copper-shiny elements. It korasi include ultra-thin and very light case for 13.3-inch model, comfortable keyboard, high for its class performance and also a 3 port USB 3.1, 2 of which support Thunderbolt.

The laptop is great, looks unique, so some buyers are not accustomed to deny yourself anything, and certainly today will not deter a solid price in Russia. The disadvantages Spectre 13 bit: version tested with Core i7 only provides about 5 hours of battery life, and touchpad there is much to improve (and increase). What else can please a new HP rather than disappoint, you will be able to learn from our review.

Eagles vs drones

Law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands started to use eagles to catch an unidentified UAV. Not so long ago was completed 7-month training program of birds of prey, and now the police began to draw them to the service.

How the eagles cope with the responsibilities shown in the demo video. Bird shot down the drone and knocked him to the ground, responded to the threat faster than intelligence. As expected, the service animal will be resorted to only in emergency situations when the use of other drone-perehvatchik may pose a threat to human life.

A specially trained bird is perhaps the quickest and most effective way to incapacitate a potentially dangerous drones. Predator has powerful legs and large curved claws that can grab and hold in the air any heavy object, be it another animal or a mechanical drone.

Google Pixel on all sides

The website Android Authority has shared new details regarding the “reference” Android-smartphone Sailfish, scheduled for release this year. This time the network has placed 360-degree videos with your smartphone model, created at the disposal of the blogger Evan Blass (@OnLeaks) 3D digital drawings. It allows us to consider the new created by Google with the participation of HTC, on all sides.

The images confirm that the device will get a port the USB Type-C instead of the expected microUSB, as well as two stereo speakers on the lower edge. The dimensions of the device will be 143,8 x 69.5 x 7.3 mm at the thinnest (bottom) and 8.5 mm at the thickest point (top). Contrary to rumors, unlike Apple and LeEco, Google is not abandoning the 3.5 mm audio port connector located in the upper left corner of the case.

In addition, the smartphone is tipped Pixel screen 5.2–5.3 inches, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (or 821), 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB internal, 12 MP primary and 8 MP selfie camera. The expected amount of battery — 2770 mA*h the Device will run on Android 7.0 (Nougat) out of the box.

Nanotube save you from diseases

Experts from the Harbin Polytechnic University and the University of California San Diego created the microrobot, shaped like a fish. The device is able to transport drugs in any part of the human body, moving through the blood vessels under the action of external magnetic field.

But nanorimo this, as they say, is not simple, and gold – in all senses. First, it really fulfills the desire of the doctor, which can control its speed and trajectory, changing the strength and direction of the magnetic field.

Secondly, fish do consists of gold. Though not entirely: the “head” and “tail” made of gold, the “body” of Nickel, and connect all parts together the joints of the silver particles. The length of each segment “of nanorisk” is 800 nm, and the size of the fish a hundred times smaller than a grain of sand.

The first unmanned taxi

The online service of a call taxi service Uber has launched in downtown Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) a pilot project that allows customers to get to their destination on self-driving car. On the streets of the city was four”, robotaxi” — Volvo XC90 SUV, equipped with an autopilot system and ground sensors.

Cars drive on their own, but the front seats sit two people, ready in emergency to take control. Downstairs, next to the selector gear box unit, provided the red button which immediately disables the function of “artificial intelligence”.

By the observation of a reporter for Reuters, for the hour trip car-the drone moved smoothly, without jerks. Obeying traffic signals and rules of the road, the car is Uber moved across the bridges and rode the mail truck, and on a busy street — she slowed down, all without human intervention.

However, the journalist noted, the driver and engineer in the front seat, “has interfered in the running every few miles.” However, despite redundant safety net, Uber became the first company in the world that has made self-driving car available to the General public.

Material prepared by Oleg Ilyukhin, with the participation of Nicholas Belkin

Western Digital announced its first SATA SSDS

Western Digital Corporation, presented SSD WD Blue and WD Green is the first SSD with SATA WD branded. The new SSDS will complement a series of hard disks for PCs and workstations — now the company offers customers a complete set of devices for data storage, reported CNews in WD.

WD Blue and WD Green — best solutions for self-Assembly of a personal computer, for upgrade or renewal works of existing PC or just to change the disk to a more modern. According to the company, the drives feature high working speed, close to maximum for your SATA devices. They have a high durability by setting the average time to failure (MTTF) and the results of testing in the lab WD on the preservation of health (F. I. T.) and high speed upload and response.

So, the new WD Blue and WD Green are distinguished by the combination of reliability at the level of 1.75 million hours MTBF, reduced energy consumption and reduced compared to conventional hard drives heat dissipation. The disc comes with a free software package WD SSD Dashboard, which allows you to continuously monitor the performance and available capacity of devices. For those interested in fast loading, durability, low power consumption and ultra-slim, WD Blue and WD Green will be the best choice, I think in WD.

“From our major Resellers and customers, there is a high demand for different options of storage devices based on flash memory, — said Eyal Bek (Eyal Bek), senior Director, division of electronic components to Western Digital. — Extensive supply network WD will ensure the wide availability of new SSD devices Western Digital. We are delighted to have completed the development and launched the WD Blue and WD Green and are confident that our customers will get what they wanted — instant loading and sufficient capacity”.


WD Blue, which are optimized for multitasking and running demanding applications, suitable for those who require high performance SATA interface.

Optimal for PCs and notebooks, the WD Blue will be produced with a capacity of 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB in two form factors — in the case 2.5-inch / 7mm and M. 2 2280. Speed sequential read and write for WD Blue are respectively 545 MB/s and 525 MB/s, write capacity — 400 TBW.

WD Blue

Industrial unions Shuvalov complained to the law Ministry

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Industrial unions drew the attention of Igor Shuvalov, the threat of the law Ministry. According to the Agency’s initiative, providers can revoke certificates, and the entire batch of products even due to grammatical errors

Representatives of the largest trade unions in the segment of FMCG and entrepreneurial associations of Russia complained to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to the amendments the Ministry of economic development. The departments that are not satisfied participants of the market: to give the Supervisory authorities (Rospotrebnadzor, and the Federal accreditation service) the right to deprive the manufacturers certificates of conformity — a document confirming the possibility of implementing the product, its safety and technical performance. Now, the regulators only have the right to send information about the necessity of suspension of authorization documents to the certification body.

“In the case of receiving the regulatory authorities powers to suspend the certificate of conformity (Declaration of conformity) unilaterally… manufacturers with high probability to unwarranted administrative pressure” — said in a letter to Shuvalov, on 10 October 2016 (RBC).

Producers can tolerate the greater risks due to amendments, including the financial loss due to withdrawal of products from circulation, to the letter, signed by 14 leaders of industry unions and associations uniting manufacturers and trading companies from many different markets — from meat, mineral water and ice cream to consumer electronics and computer equipment. In particular, their signatures under the document was signed by Executive Director of NP “RusBrand” Alexey Popovichev, Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of retail companies (akort) Ilya Lomakin-Rumyantsev, Chairman of the Board of Soyuzmoloko Andrey Danilenko and the President RATEK Alexander Onishchuk.

Concern of representatives of trade unions causes the current practice, when the Supervisory authorities treat any violation of the provisions as a “threat to life and health of consumers”. Meanwhile, speech can go only about the complaints about the bugs in labeling of products or fluctuations of indicators of food value, explain the authors of the letter. Most of these claims are often disputed by manufacturers in the courts. The overall level of control remains low, the letter says.

The existing mechanism for the suspension of certificates do you need to change, agree the authors of the letter. But you need to determine the list of grounds for recognition of the certificate is not valid and to develop a mechanism for the resumption of their actions. Also, you need to specify how market participants should arrange the return and disposal of dangerous products do and how they should learn about this solution.

The problem with the certification may occur if manufacturers produce products that are not appropriate to the certificate or use the conclusion of already existing laboratories, told RBC Andrey Danilenko. However, according to him, representatives of the market are afraid that the process of inspections “will not work break the other side.” “We are for clear rules to be strictly regulated in which cases and under what conditions the company may be withdrawn certificate of conformity”. In the case of the adoption of the current amendments, the basis for the opinion may even become a spelling mistake on the packaging, or the situation when the brand name company will take advantage of an unscrupulous manufacturer, says Danilenko.

The Ministry of economy proposed amendments give the Supervisory authority the right to unilateral decisions that cannot be challenged, adds the Deputy head of Executive Committee of National meat Association Maksim Sinelnikov (the document signed by the head of the organization Sergey Yushin). This means the withdrawal of the company’s products from the market, which not only lead to financial losses, but just difficult to enforce, says Sinelnikov.

Now the proposal of the Ministry of economy is in the process of negotiation. The latest version of amendments to the law “On technical regulation” the Agency introduced the 28 September meeting of the State Commission to counter illegal turnover of industrial products.

Share of illegal cigarettes in Russia reached a record level

Collecting tobacco leaves

Photo: Patrick Seeger/DPA/TASS

The share of illegal tobacco products on the Russian market for the year increased two times and reached record values. Tobacco companies attribute this to the rise in price of cigarettes

The share of illegal tobacco products on the Russian market in the third quarter of 2016 made up 2.23% of the total market, according to a study by Nielsen. A year ago this figure was at the level of 1.04%. This is the highest level of illegal cigarette trade in the entire history of measurements since 2012, says Nielsen.

An appropriate conclusion to the research the company did, after analyzing more than 15 thousand empty cigarette packs that were collected in June—July 2016 in 89 cities in different regions, with the exception of the Crimea and the North Caucasus republics.

The main source of cigarette smuggling (60%), according to Nielsen — the countries of the Eurasian economic Union. With more than a third (38.4 per cent) of illegal cigarette packs were marked with Belarusian excise stamps.

In the regions bordering Belarus, the share of tobacco products illicit origin to the end of July 2016 has doubled and made up of 6.94 against 3.06 per cent from a year earlier, according to Nielsen. In Smolensk the share of smuggled cigarettes was 12.2 vs 2.8% in 2015 in Velikiye Luki — 17% (last year was 9.2 percent). On the border with Kazakhstan has been a threefold increase in the smuggling — from 1.1% last year to 3.5% in 2016. In Omsk on illegal cigarettes accounted for 10% (against 1.9% in 2015), Rubtsovsk (Altai Krai) — 30% (vs 6.3%).

A special study conducted this summer by “TNS Russia” by the order of the tobacco companies BAT, shows that among Russian regions champion in terms of distribution of illegal cigarettes is Dagestan. The share of smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes here is 28%. The vast majority of illegal batches collected in Dagestan, marked with Belarusian excise stamps (98%), according to a study.

“The price of Russian cigarettes grew after excise duties faster than consumers income. As a result, legal products became too expensive for many Russians, and they began to look for a cheaper alternative,” — said the representative of “BAT Russia” Alexander Ljutyj. According to him, tobacco products in Russia is already two to three times more expensive than in neighbouring countries.

The main reason for the more than double growth of the share of the illegal market in Russia is still maintaining a substantial difference in the rates of excise taxes and prices for tobacco products between member countries of the Eurasian economic Union, agrees Vice-President of JTI, corporate Affairs and communications Russia Sergey Kiselev.

“Absence of excise harmonization in the EEU brought such Belarusian brands as FEST, NZ, MINSK, and in the top 5 most popular cigarette brands on the illicit market,” — says Kiselev. According to his estimates, the Belarusian cigarettes are sold in Russia at a price of 40-50 rubles. per pack, while cheap legal cigarettes, manufactured in the Russian factories, — for 75 RUB “the Share of production of the Grodno factory on a national scale has doubled and amounted to one third of the total illicit consumption in Russia”, — says the expert.

According to estimates of BAT, taking account of the republics in the North Caucasus illegal cigarettes account for 4% of the Russian market. “Nationwide is a huge number — more than 10 billion cigarettes a year. Such amount of excisable products would bring to the state Treasury about 23.5 billion rubles of taxes,” calculated Alexander the Fierce.

Against this background, the plans of the Ministry of Finance to index the rates of excise duties on cigarettes in 2017 by 10% compared with the 15% increase provided for in the Tax code, can lead to additional expectations of the tax revenue is simply not justified, concludes Sergey Kiselev.

Sceptical about the initiative of the Ministry of Finance and include representatives of Philip Morris, believing that it “will lead to a sharp increase in retail prices of tobacco products and, as a consequence, can significantly accelerate the growth of the illegal market of cigarettes.” To stop the growth of the illegal market of tobacco products, requires comprehensive measures, says Vice President for corporate Affairs of affiliated companies “Philip Morris international” in Russia Sergey Slipchenko. Among them, he calls in a predictable and balanced taxation policy, harmonization of excise tax rates on cigarettes in the EEU and effectiveness of law enforcement practice.

Rospatent refused “M. Video” in the right to the brand “black Friday”

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov/RIA Novosti

Rospatent refused “M. Video”, which tried to challenge the registration of a trade mark for Black Friday “black fraydey”. Thus, the retailer tried to legalize their black Friday sale products online stores

The organizer of the first “black Friday” in Russia, OOO “black Friday” defended their right to the trademark Black Friday. The decision of 5 October took Rospatent, after the company “M. Video” tried to challenge the registration of the title, reported the commercial Director of “black Friday” Svetlana Horbunova.

In the database of Rospatent, the corresponding decision has not yet appeared. In “M. Video” have confirmed that know about it. The company will continue to defend its interests in a dispute with “black Friday,” said RBC representative of the retailer Valery Andreeva. According to her, the company will not change its plans to participate in “black Friday” organized by the Association of Internet Commerce (AKITA).

In 2013, OOO “black Friday” annually in Russia online sales in the format of “black Friday”. They are held at the end of November, the day after the American national holiday of thanksgiving. In total, according to the “black fraydey”, in 2015 the event was attended by 300 retailers. They presented about 150 thousand items and services, prices for which reached 90%. Sales volume during last year’s campaign exceeded 200 million rubles.

However, in 2016, AKITA, uniting 30 online retailers, decided to organize alternative sales. Its share of the Association called the “Real black Friday” and registered the website A number of members of AKITA, including “M. Video”, refused to participate in “black Friday” is “black Friday”.

In March 2016, “M. Video” has challenged in Court for intellectual property rights, registration of the trademark “Black Friday” for company “black Friday” on 35-th class of the International classification of goods and services (advertising, management, business). However, the court rejected the application by forwarding the case to the Rospatent.

Referring to the current decision, “black fraydey” has already sent an official notice to cease the violation of its rights in address 40 of the companies owning domains of clones, said Svetlana Horbunova. According to her, to sites-imitators are site aggregators that use domains, the phrase Black Friday as well as the original signature style of the official site of sales, OOO “black Friday” (

“Starting in 2014 on the market each year there are at least 20 sites-clones of our site. We believe it is unfair that some companies, instead of creating something of their own, openly steal other people’s ideas, brand identity and brand and believe that it will go unpunished,” says Harborow.

In AKITA, however, does not intend to cancel the event, scheduled for November 24-25. “The decision of Rospatent does not affect the “Real black Friday” organized by the AKITA — says the President of the Association of Alexei Fedorov. We remain at their position: we believe the phrase “black Friday” (Black Friday) common, as well as the word “sale” or “sale”. This phrase is widely used by Russian companies and Russian buyers and not associated with any particular company, and with holiday discounts, season sales”.

According to Fedorov, now AKITA intends after the “M. Video” apply to Rospatent. Previously, she was sent to the FAS statement with the request to stop violation of the legislation on protection of competition on the part of LLC “black Friday”, but the response is not received, said Fedorov.

Mod called “Russophobic hysteria” Johnson statement on Syria

Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

The official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov responded to the accusations of the foreign Minister of Britain, the attack on the humanitarian convoy to Aleppo in September. Russian aircraft in the area of the convoy was not, he said

The allegations made by British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to Russia about the attack on the humanitarian convoy in Aleppo September 19 are “Russophobic hysteria”, said the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

“No Russian planes in the area to find the convoy in Aleppo was not. It’s a fact” — he said (quoted by “Interfax”). Johnson’s statement is in line with “Russophobic hysteria, regularly injected by individual members of the British establishment,” the General added.

Konashenkov also drew attention to the fact that the head of the foreign office is trying to blame Russia in attack on convoy “after examining some in the “free” satellite photos”. “Mr. Johnson, can you open this “open access” and will show these pictures to anyone else?” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Only the Ministry of defence has published a video of a part of a humanitarian convoy unknown mortar of large caliber. “Do you have his pictures or send them to your “open access”? You voiced all the alleged “evidence” will not cost a penny, if someone really open to them,” — said Konashenkov.

According to the General, “with the actual data of objective control of the air situation in the area of Aleppo on the evening of September 19, we know the exact cause of the withering of interest in this topic from the American colleagues.”

The General also noted that from 20 September, the Russian side is watching “is the third wave of accusations of alleged Russian involvement in the destruction of a humanitarian convoy”.

“Every time along with formulaic spells hear the testimony “witness volunteers” who turned out to be militants EN-nurowski group (terrorist group “Jabhat an-Nusra”, banned in Russia. — RBC), and then about some of the available us intelligence “indisputable evidence” that soon personally disavowed in the us Congress, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army General Dunford”, — said Konashenkov.

The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that “all available sources indicate the responsibility of Russia in this crime”, referring to the attack on the humanitarian convoy to Aleppo. In addition, he stressedthat if Russia “will continue to act in the same spirit,” she “faces the danger of becoming a pariah state”.