Money for all: is it possible in Russia unconditional income

Wednesday, November 14, at the Higher school of Economics discussed the idea of unconditional basic income. Effective implementation of basic income is impossible in authoritarian regimes with high centralization of power, experts said

Photo: Alexander Mudrats / TASS

The idea of an unconditional (or basic) income implies that every citizen receives a guaranteed cash payout regardless of its level of income, employment and health. In a number of countries have carried out and continue to conducted experiments on the implementation of such payments for certain categories of the population (for example, in Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, India). RBC figured out, what are the arguments for and against the introduction of a basic income and why in Russia there are no conditions for the transition to a new social policy.

Why do we need a basic income?

  • The introduction of an unconditional income will provide income of all members of society at a level exceeding the subsistence minimum, and potentially completely overcome material poverty, experts of the world Bank Ruslan AMCOW, Jamele, Rigolini, Hugo dzhentilini in the materials of the conference “Basic income: a prologue to the social policy of the XXI century?”, that 14 November was held at the HSE.

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