Central Bank recorded a decline of mortgages in September

In September, banks issued mortgages less than in August. In 2018, the results declined in may — the month with a large number of output. Despite the growth, experts still do not change the predicted growth of housing loans at year-end

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin / TASS

According to the Central Bank, in September 2018, banks issued mortgage loans totaling 255,3 billion rubles. It is about 2% less than were issued for house purchase in August of this year 260,3 billion. Earlier, in 2018, the reduction in disbursements was observed only in may — the month with lots of holidays: then mortgage lending declined by 5.5% compared to the April level (loans of 250 billion rubles).

Lending in September has slowed despite the fact that the average rate on loans issued in that month, decreased to 9.41% — by 0.01 percentage points by August. Loans at the new rates, according to “the House.Of the Russian Federation” in September made up 9.11% (increased by 0.06 p. p.), and in the secondary housing of 9.54% (a decrease of 0.05 percentage points).

Despite the decline in lending in September, “the House.Of the Russian Federation” does not change its forecast for the year — 3 trillion rubles Is 50% more than in 2017. The forecast “Expert RA” more modest, the volume of disbursements will increase by about 35%, up 2.7–2.8 trillion rubles.

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