The number of victims during the protests in France increased to 227

The protesters are against the rise in gasoline prices in the country. During the protest one person was killed and another 227 injured, six of them seriously injured, he told police

Photo: Claude Paris / AP

The number of people injured during protests in France against rising prices for gasoline increased to 227 people, reported local TV channel BFM with reference to the latest data of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country. Before it was known that the wounds on the demonstrations got at least 100 people.

“The situation is quite serious. In the morning one person died and 227 were injured, six seriously [injured]”, — told in Department, having noticed also that among the victims there are law enforcement officers. At the protests, according to the interior Ministry, worked as police officers and gendarmes — employees of military units, public safety and policing (part of the Ministry of interior and are subject to military Department). Among the latter, as noted by the police, injured five people, as many wounded among the police officers, one of them received serious injuries.

During the day, as indicated by the interior Ministry, police detained 117 people, 73 of whom were subsequently detained.

The Russian military reported the deaths of at attack 18 soldiers of Assad’s army

The rebels, despite the agreement on cessation of hostilities, fired at the Syrian province of Aleppo and Latakia, told the Russian military. As a result of incident, according to them, killed 18 Syrian soldiers

Photo: SANA / AP

During the shelling in Syria, representatives of illegal armed formations of the provinces of Aleppo and Latakia were killed 18 Syrian soldiers and two more were wounded. This is stated in received by RBC the message of the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Savchenko.

18 soldiers of the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to him, was killed during the shelling of the village of Safsar in the province of Latakia. Another Syrian military received during the collision there is a wound, added Savchenko, noting also that, in addition to Latakia, the representatives of the illegal armed formations operating in the territory Iglinskiy areas of de-escalation, fired at the settlement of tell Alouche in the province of Aleppo. There’s a wounded one Syrian military, said the head of the Center for conciliation of the parties.

Such actions, as indicated by Savchenko, militants, despite the agreement on the cessation of hostilities. Representatives of what armed group was involved in the attacks, he explained.

About 1,000 demonstrators in Paris demanded the resignation of Macron

In Paris on Saturday evening continued the opposition of opponents of the rising prices of gasoline and police. About 1,000 protesters continued to attempt to get to the Elysee Palace

Photo: Michel Euler / AP

According BFM.tvthe situation in Paris remained tense. According to the interior Ministry, about 1,200 demonstrators are on Concorde and in the heart of the Elysee Palace, trying to pass the cordons of police.

The demonstrators tried several times to break through to the presidential Palace, but police blocked their attempts, using including tear gas. Closer to 19:30 GMT the protesters began a sit-down protest on the way to the government building, demanding the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron and accusing law enforcement is that they use force against civilians.

In the French interior Ministry meanwhile announced that the total number of protesters in different parts of the country has reached 244 thousand as a result of various incidents suffered at least 100 people. Clashes with police were recorded in Savoy, Brest, Finistère. According to official information, 58 people were detained.

Britain and the EU reached a deal on Brexit. The main thing

Britain has agreed on a plan of withdrawal from the European Union which guarantees the rights of British and EU citizens. Now the agreement should be approved as members of the British Parliament, and European leaders

Photo: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

What happened?

  • On Tuesday, November 13, the press service of the Prime Minister Theresa may said London and Brussels failed to reach agreement on “divorce” which will be held on 29 March 2019. Wednesday, 14 November, a draft of this agreement was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of the five-hour meeting.
  • A draft of the deal Brussels and London contains 585 pages and is published on the websites of the European Commission and the British government.

What is included in the deal Britain and the EU?

Putin did not see any damage to the prestige of Russia from-for refusal from Davos

According to the President, on the authority of the country in the global economy is influenced by its inflation and budget, not the participation in the forums. The rejection of VEF previously admitted the Prime Minister Medvedev commenting on the FT article about the ban on participation for three businessmen

Photo: Jason Alden / Bloomberg

The absence of Russia at the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos on the authority of the country in the global economy “is not exactly an impact”, said Vladimir Putin. This opinion he expressed at the press conference following the summit in Singapore.

“Authority <…> depends primarily on the economic power of the country, from the structure of the economy”, — said the President, adding that it affects the results of a particular country, in terms of technology, GDP growth and macroeconomic indicators. Among these indicators the Russian leader called low inflation, budget surpluses or minimal deficits, and low foreign debt.

Peskov denied the inspection of Putin at the metal detector

According to the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin took place only through the regular turnstile. We are talking about the building of the exhibition centre in Singapore, which hosted the ASEAN forum

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti)

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the trade fair centre, Suntec in Singapore (there was a summit of the Association of South-East Asia) were not checked with a metal detector, said radio “Says Moscow” the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Putin “took place, as all, through the turnstile,” said Sands.

The Manager promised to transplant civil servants to the machines of the project “Cortege”

Manager of the President’s planning on updating the vehicle fleet to purchase for officials of the new Russian cars Aurus from the project “Cortege”. This happens when cars will be in mass production

Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

In one of the next updates of the fleet the Office of the President will purchase for civil servants new domestic cars Aurus, which are collected in Russia. In an interview with TASS said the head of the Administration Alexander Kolpakov.

“When you see these cars in mass production, we will purchase them for the transport service of civil servants. We will support domestic producers”, — he said.

The President of the Philippines decided to sleep instead of meeting at the ASEAN summit

The representative of the head of state explained that the Rodrigo Duterte instead of communicating with colleagues decided to get some sleep, because before it was working late

Rodrigo Duterte

(Photo: Mark Cristino / Reuters)

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, which in March celebrated its 73 years, missed four group meetings in the framework of the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), reports Reuters. We are talking about meetings with President of South Korea moon Jae-in, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, as well as on the negotiations with the leaders of the countries — members of the Association to discuss trade agreements.

“Kommersant” reported on the inspection of Putin at the metal detector in Singapore


As told the press Secretary of the President of El Salvador Panelo, Duterte before worked late hours and slept less than three hours, so took the opportunity to take a NAP to recover. Panelo added that country at the meetings was represented by the Minister of foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin.

The public chamber has demanded to dismiss supported Tsepovyaz Chapter of the PMC

Member OP Diana Gurtskaya initiates the question of the withdrawal from the Amur POC Natalia Kotnikova, who called the convict Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz “hereditary farms” from which actions “do not hurt no one”

Photo: okhotnikovanatalia / instagram

The Chairman of the Public chamber Commission on the support of family, motherhood and childhood, the singer Diana Gurtskaya told RBC that the head of the Amur of the public oversight Commission (POC) Natalia Okhotnikov should leave his post. Gurtskaya began to demand change of the head of the regional PMC after Okhotnikov in Instagram called the convicted on the case about the mass murder of Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz “a philanthropist, a renowned entrepreneur and hereditary farm” and stated that his actions do not hurt a single person (at time of publication access to this Instagram account is closed).

Gurtskaya said RBC that it intends to initiate a question of resignation Kotnikova at the meeting of the Council of the Public chamber to appeal to the Amur PMC.

“Natalia Okhotnikov needs to resign as Chairman and a member of the PMC, is considered Gurtskaya. — I am very sorry that at the time the Council of the Public chamber of Russia supported her candidacy, focusing on the proposal for regional civil society activists”. She asked for forgiveness from all the relatives of the victims of the “gang of Kuschevka”.

Deputy Bolton was fired after complaints of the wife trump

A senior official in the White house left the post after Melania trump said that “unworthy” to continue to work in a team with her husband. According to sources, they quarreled over budget on the trip of the first lady

Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

World Ricardel, Deputy national security adviser John Bolton, will leave his post at the White house, reports Bloomberg with reference to the press service of the White house. Ricardel had earlier complained about the U.S. President’s wife Melania trump.

A White house spokesman Sarah Sanders reported that he had Ricardel “will continue to support the President after leaving the White house and move to a new position in the administration.” Sanders said that the President is grateful to the ex-adviser John Bolton for his service to the people of America. Sanders also voiced on what kind of position will go have Ricardel after dismissal.

The dismissal of the Worlds Ricardel happened the next day after her resignation through his spokesperson called Melania trump. “The administration’s position of first lady is that she [Ricardel] no longer deserve to work in the White house”, — said the representative of Melania on November 13. According to sources of Reuters, the conflict between Melania trump and Ricardel broke out because of the latest attempts to revise the amount of expenditure of the budget for the trip is the first lady in Africa. Ricardel have insisted on the inclusion in the delegation together with the first lady herself or other representative of the national security Council.