Uber started to block the amount of travel before it started

Photo: Anton Sergienko / RBC

Uber started to block the cost of services on the cards passengers taxis before you travel. The corresponding service is running in test mode now available to users in Moscow

The service is on call and pay for taxi service Uber has launched new rules of travel. Now the amount that will be debited from the Bank card of the passenger after the service will be blocked before the trip and not charged after as it was before. This is stated in the Uber message received by RBC.

“Today, in order to ensure safety we will conduct a pre-authorization for travel by Bank transfer, to check the relevance attached Bank card. This means that the cost of the trip will be reserved on the map user immediately after the confirmation of the order,” — said in a statement.

It explains that blocked the fare does not take into account discounts, as well as a possible conversion rates due to the change of the route or pay for the cancellation. In these cases, the reserved funds will be released and will be charged only the actual amount for the service. “Please note, the removal of the reserve occurs without any notification from the Bank”, — stated in the message.

From there it also follows that the final charges will occur upon arrival at the destination. The innovation is working in test mode is the reservation cost of the trip is now true only for a subset of users of Moscow.

Previously, the company Uber for the first time disclosed information about their income. Excluding sold in 2016, the Chinese subdivision the annual revenue of the company amounted to $6.5 billion, a loss of us $2.8 billion.

In mid-April another popular service “Yandex.Taxi” also changed the rules of rendering services company said the introduction of fixed prices on travel. According to the representative of “Yandex.Taxi”, the fixed price will be calculated based on the fare, distance and travel time. If due to traffic the driver should deviate the route “Yandex.Navigator”, the price will not change. Cost of the conversion may occur if a passenger will change the endpoint of the path or ask the driver to make a road stop, said the representative of the service.

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