Trump: the southern border is protected but wall be built

Трамп: южная граница защищена, но стену нужно построить


Trump: the southern border is protected but wall be built


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The President continues to call on Congress to allocate funds for the construction of the wall

The US President Donald trump said Tuesday that the southern border of the country is already well protected from illegal immigration, but stressed that, if the Democrats do not vote for the allocation of funds for the construction of additional sections of the wall on the border with Mexico, he would arrange to do the military.

In one of his tweets, the President wrote: “People don’t realize how big a part of the wall, including a really efficient repair of existing fences already built”.

According to him, the “great caravans” workers – several thousands of inhabitants of the countries of Central America, fleeing poverty and violence – will not be able to get in the US because of “newly constructed walls, improvised booms and the efforts of the border patrol and military personnel.” “They are now or will remain in Mexico or go back to their countries”, – he stressed.

The President added: “Now our southern border is secure, and this will continue”. However, he noted: “However, the Great (that is, the continuous – ed.) the wall would be more simple and less costly solution.”

During the election campaign of 2016, trump promised to build a wall on the border and force Mexico to cover the cost of its construction. As President, he tried to increase funding from the state Treasury, but met resistance from Congress: the views of Republicans on this issue was divided, the Democrats were unanimously opposed.

Trump wants to keep the budget in 2019 would allocate $ 5 billion for the expansion of the wall. It is envisaged that the project will cost $ 20 billion or even more. However, the Democrats agreed to allocate border security is not more than $ 1.6 billion, and these funds are not intended specifically for the construction of the wall.

In the middle of the day on Tuesday, trump discussed the issue of financing the construction with democratic leaders in the House of representatives and the Senate – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, after meeting with them in the White house. Pelosi will likely become speaker of the house of representatives after the new year, when the Democrats will regain control in the lower house, with 40 additional seats in the November midterm elections.

According to trump, the Democrats “were right” by voting for the construction of the wall in 2006, but then considered a less ambitious project. Now, the President wants to build a wall of height more than 15 meters.

“Today, they no longer want to secure the borders, – said the President. – They will fight it at any cost.”

The day before, on Monday, Schumer and Pelosi issued a joint statement which said: “the President knows that his proposal for the construction of the wall will not gain enough votes to obtain approval of the house of representatives and the Senate, and he should not obstruct a bipartisan agreement.” This refers to the agreement that will ensure financing of the government at the expiry of the deadline, which occurs on December 21 and to avoid the partial closure of state institutions.

Last week Pelosi called the wall “is immoral, ineffective and costly” undertaking.

About three-quarters of Federal agencies have already secured funding for the current fiscal year, which began on 1 October, but the Department of homeland security because of the reference to the question of the construction of the wall in their number was not included.

The distribution budget will be the last legislative act of Congress under the Republican leadership. Congressmen need to urgently ratify the budget bill to avoid partial government closure in anticipation of the winter holidays.

Trump and Pelosi have expressed an interest to cooperate on bills related to infrastructure and price on prescription drugs, but Pelosi before meeting rejected the possibility of a compromise on the funding wall.

Trump insists that the increase in border wall with Mexico will stop the influx of migrants from Central American countries.

“Please, somebody, explain to the Democrats (we need their votes) that our country loses $ 250 billion a year because of illegal immigration, despite the terrible influx of drugs into the country. Border security is of the highest quality including a wall, would have cost us $ 25 billion. These costs will be repaid within two months. Do it!” he wrote on Twitter on 4 December.

In the past fiscal year, the White house received nearly $ 1.4 billion on border security. Funds for the construction of the wall in this amount was not included.

“What they spent last year’s money, and now require a huge amount this year, just ridiculous,” said Schumer.

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