The US is ahead of Russia in terms of oil production

American company in August produced a record amount of oil that allowed US to circumvent this indicator Russia. Bloomberg indicates that this achievement can be brief

Photo: Scott Dalton / Bloomberg

In accordance with the data of the statistical division of the U.S. Department of energy in August, the country produced 11,346 million barrels. of oil per day, whereas in Russia the figure was of 11.21 million barrels., specifies Bloomberg. This occurred both through companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico, and thanks to shale oil companies in Texas, Colorado and North Dakota.

Analysts Bloomberg believe that the U.S. superiority may be temporary. According to preliminary information, in September, Russia took the lead again, increasing production amid the us sanctions against Iran and the crisis in Venezuela.

USA was the leader in oil production until 1974, when the first place on this indicator was occupied by the Soviet Union. By the end of 1970-ies, the USSR was producing a third more oil than the United States, and in the late 1980s, the lag of the United States was about 50%. To reduce the gap to the leaders and to get around in the beginning of this year, Saudi Arabia, the Americans managed through the development of shale oil and the changes in legislation which have allowed to develop offshore Alaska.

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