The operator announced the stop of gas supply via the Nord stream

Due to a failure in the power supply on the morning of Saturday, November 17, was temporarily stopped pumping gas through the pipeline “Nord stream”. This was reported by the operator Gascade. The cause of the failure the company is not called

The end point of the pipeline “Nord stream” near Greifswald

(Photo: press service of Nord Stream AG)

A failure in the power supply system led to stop flow of gas through the pipeline “Nord stream” on Saturday, November 17. About it reported in a press release the operator Gascade.

“At about 04:00 in the morning on gasolene station in Greifswald was stopped the supply of natural gas due to a failure in the power supply. Gascade has taken steps for resumption of transportation”, — said in a press release.

The accident occurred at 6:00 and about 13:00 Moscow time, the representative of the company told TASSthat the specialists will continue to work Troubleshooting. According to him, the system is already put into operation, but on the full restoration of supply would take some time.

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