The media learned about the plan for military action in case of failure of agreement on Brexit

The British military is preparing a plan of operation in case of failure of agreement between London and Brussels on Brexit. It involves the appearance of soldiers on the streets

Photo: Ben Birchall / AP

The UK Ministry of defence prepared the plan in case the current agreement on Brexit will be torn down, reports the Sunday Times. According to the publication, development of the operation began last week and involved officers who are generally responsible for the withdrawal of soldiers on the street in case of terrorist attacks.

The plan provides for increased police patrols by the military to prevent violations of public order. A separate paragraph is to provide hospitals with medicines in case of unfavorable development of the situation.

It is assumed that the defense Ministry will be able, in the first day to send to the assistance of the police, about 1,200 troops, and then to increase this number to 10 thousand One of the areas where can be transferred the soldiers called Kent, where the inhabitants of United Kingdom can get into the European Union.

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