The media learned about the illegal delivery to Russia of Belgian pears at €240 million

Producers of pears in Belgium and the Netherlands in the last four years, has supplied its products to bypass the retaliatory sanctions imposed by Russian government

Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Companies from Belgium and the Netherlands recent years continued to supply pears to Russia bypassing sanctions, according to broadcaster RTBF with reference to the survey, which was conducted by the newspaper De Volkskrant. According to preliminary estimates, every year they were sent to Russia about 70 thousand tons of fruit worth about €56 million.

The publication indicates that the producers of the Benelux trafficked pears to Russia through Belarus and Lithuania, presenting the certificates, which show that fruit grown outside the EU. The documents they get from corrupt health authorities in Africa.

The channel claims that the machinations of the Belgians and the Dutch are unable to sell in Russia about half of the volume that was there prior to the introduction of retaliatory sanctions.

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