The chamber announced the return of Russia’s $3.5 billion “secret” debt

Some countries in 2017 has violated its debt obligations to Russia, opened the chamber. In the result, the overdue debt of foreign States to Russia increased by 36%, or $3.5 billion

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

The overdue debt of foreign governments (legal persons) to the Russian Federation for 2017 increased by $3.5 billion (36%) and at the beginning of 2018, totaled $13 billion, said the audit chamber in the materials for the draft Federal budget for the coming three years. This is due to “non-payment by the countries-debtors of the relevant payments required by intergovernmental agreements”.

The auditors did not disclose which countries were behind on debt payments to Russia. A program of bilateral government loans to Russia, traditionally classified. Of the loans issued in the framework of military-technical cooperation (for the purchase of Russian weapons).

RBC has sent requests to the accounting chamber and the Ministry of Finance.

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