The authorities have prepared a ban on the user for unscrupulous Directors

Convicted enrichment at the expense of the company the Directors may lose the right to hold leadership positions in joint-stock companies. A new initiative on the requirements for business reputation of the proposed economic development

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC

Entering into transactions with affiliated entities the Directors of the company may not be allowed to occupy leadership positions in joint-stock companies during the year. This initiative was part of the plan “Transformation of the business climate” (TDK), which was developed Ministry of economic development together with business representatives and experts.

The document (there RBC) provides for “the establishment of a legal mechanism to prevent entry into the management bodies of public companies unscrupulous individuals”. Similar practice already operates in the banks — now it wants to extend to non-financial sector. The proposal included in the draft decree of the government, told RBC press service of the Ministry of economic development.

New ban

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