S&P experts predicted the saturation of the market of retail loans

The growth of retail lending in 2019 will slow down due to saturation of demand and increasing rates, analysts predict S&P. But banks will still be more profitable to lend to people: on the corporate market in particular there are no prospects

Photo: Alexander Artemenkov / TASS

The retail lending market in Russia, demonstrated in the last two years, significant growth is nearing the saturation point, analysts of rating Agency S&P. Although the volume of issuance of mortgage and consumer credits in 2019 will continue to grow, the rate of growth will gradually slow down to 15-18%, said the study S&P Global Ratings. By the end of 2018 retail lending will grow by 20-22%.

To limit the growth of volumes of crediting of the population, according to S&P will contribute to the following factors:

  • gradual saturation of the demand for loans from consumers;
  • the weak dynamics of growth of disposable income;
  • adopted by Central Bank measures to curb growth of consumer lending;
  • the absence of factors that could lead to the rapid decline in interest rates.

The situation has changed

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