Schroeder criticized the policy of the United States and called on Germany to move closer to China

Germany, according to former Chancellor of the country can no longer put up with the fact that the US treat her like “an occupied country”. In this situation, Schroeder urged the current government to look for new allies

Gerhard Schroeder

(Photo: Federico Gambarini / dpa / AP)

Former German Chancellor Gerhard schröder has criticized trade policies of Washington and urged Berlin to move closer to Beijing. This view he expressed in an interview with German television station N-TV.

“We can’t accept the fact that we are treated as an occupied country”, — the politician said, noting that when he observes the actions of the us Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, he has “the impression that a diplomat sees himself as rather an officer of the occupation forces than the United States Ambassador to a sovereign state.”

In this situation Germany, according to Schroeder, must seek allies with similar interests. “It is inevitable that those who have suffered coming from United States conflicts, closer, — said the ex-Chancellor, stressing however, that, despite the fact that to participate in trade dispute with China Berlin is not, the German authorities “should resolutely pursue its export interests in the Chinese market.”

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