Russia increased its investments in US treasuries

In September, Russia has returned to increasing its share in US debt after a short break, on the background of the new sanctions risks. However, to get rid of long securities short Moscow continued

Photo: Sertac Kayar / Reuters

The U.S. Treasury Department released a new report on the countries — holders of us government bonds. According to him, in September, Russia has increased its investments in securities of U.S. securities to $14,419 billion In August, Russia was holding US government bonds by $14,097 billion.

At the same time Russia even more reallocated their investments in favor of short-term Treasury securities. In August, Russia held in long-term (with maturity more than one year) securities of $3.4 billion in September to $2.9 billion Investment in short-term securities in August stood at $10.7 billion in September and $11.5 billion.

In August, Russia along with the reduction of investments in U.S. government bonds are shifted from long securities short. Thus, Moscow has for the first time at least since 2011, was more short than long papers. Similar steps were taken against the new risk of sanctions against Russia. In August, the US Congress issued a bill on new anti-Russian sanctions, and the state Department announced plans to impose sanctions against Moscow because of the “business Skrypalia”.

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