CNBC learned about the interest of 13 countries to the s-400 in spite of the threat of US sanctions

According to American intelligence, in buying Russian s-400 is interested in at least 13 countries. Buyers are attracted to Russian weapons systems, the lack of bureaucracy, efficiency and price

Photo: Dmitry Vinogradov / RIA Novosti

At least 13 countries have expressed interest in buying Russian s-400, despite the fact that the conclusion of the deal with Russia could lead to U.S. sanctions. It is reported by CNBC, citing sources familiar with the data intelligence in the US.

The number of countries ready to buy Russian air defense systems, one of interlocutors of the edition is called Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Vietnam, and Iraq. All of them are ready to prefer the s-400 air defense systems of American manufacturing. A spokesman familiar with the report of U.S. intelligence on this issue, explained that the advantage of s-400 in the market is the absence of complex bureaucratic procedures during the purchase. If to import arms from the US needed the approval of several American agencies, in Russia the process is faster. “Many of these countries do not want to wait for obtaining permits in the United States. The C-400 fewer restrictions on exports, the Kremlin is ready to speed up sales, rejecting any normative constraints. It’s like buying anti-aircraft complex with supermarket shelves,” — said the source.

In addition, in comparison with the American analogues of the s-400 is cheaper and does not require the same costly maintenance. However, he has sufficient effectiveness in order to shoot down the bombers, the concept of stealth, cruise missiles and some ballistic missiles. “No American system can’t compare to C-400 for the ability to defend large areas of airspace at the same distance,” he told the American intelligence assessment is one of the sources. According to him, the parameters, the s-400 is superior to the American anti-missile system THAAD. The deployment of this system was previously launched in South Korea to protect against North Korean missile threats.

Makron expressed reluctance to be a vassal trump

Emmanuel macron has responded to criticism of the idea of establishing a pan-European army raised by the President of the United States on Twitter. He stated that he will not be responding to tweets, adding that he sees himself “vassal” in the White house

Emmanuel macron and Donald trump

(Photo: Vincent Kessler / Reuters)

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that he did not intend to respond to statements by Donald trump posted on Twitter. According to the French leader, he is not going to feel the “vassal” of the us President, reports Le Monde.

“The United States and France have always been allies. We have to stay with them in the future, but you need to keep trump and his tweets alone. I don’t want to reply to a tweet, but we need to continue the story [of the Alliance]. We are allies of the United States, but being an ally does not mean to be a vassal. We should not depend on them,” — said the President of France.

Its position Makron sounded aboard the French nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” during communication with journalists. On an aircraft carrier, he arrived after the completion of works on modernization of the ship. Currently, the “Charles de Gaulle” is being tested in the sea.

S&P experts predicted the saturation of the market of retail loans

The growth of retail lending in 2019 will slow down due to saturation of demand and increasing rates, analysts predict S&P. But banks will still be more profitable to lend to people: on the corporate market in particular there are no prospects

Photo: Alexander Artemenkov / TASS

The retail lending market in Russia, demonstrated in the last two years, significant growth is nearing the saturation point, analysts of rating Agency S&P. Although the volume of issuance of mortgage and consumer credits in 2019 will continue to grow, the rate of growth will gradually slow down to 15-18%, said the study S&P Global Ratings. By the end of 2018 retail lending will grow by 20-22%.

To limit the growth of volumes of crediting of the population, according to S&P will contribute to the following factors:

  • gradual saturation of the demand for loans from consumers;
  • the weak dynamics of growth of disposable income;
  • adopted by Central Bank measures to curb growth of consumer lending;
  • the absence of factors that could lead to the rapid decline in interest rates.

The situation has changed

Gref said the idea of unclaimed deposits by the invention of the Bicycle

According to the head of Sberbank, the issue of unclaimed deposits already regulated by law. Earlier in the state Duma suggested to transfer unclaimed deposits from banks to the Russian budget

German Gref

(Photo: Denis Tyrin / TASS)

The head of Sberbank German Gref commented on the proposal to transfer to the Russian budget unclaimed deposits from banks. The idea before was expressed by the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

Gref noted that there are already existing rules of law regarding what happens to unclaimed property. The head of Sberbank reminded that these issues are regulated by the Civil code. “I’m afraid that it would not reinvent the Bicycle just <…> Is the concept of “ownerless” property — a certain number of years the property must be without the owners, the law determines its subsequent track”, — quotes the words of Gref “RIA Novosti”. “I don’t think I need something new to invent, had it all my life”, he added.

The notion of “ownerless objects” set out in article 225 of the Civil code. According to law ownerless is the thing that “has no owner or whose owner is unknown”. If the owner of the thing cannot be found in the course of the year, it can take in property of the municipal authorities, where it is found or object is located, as stated in the law. For the registration of ownership, should the court decision.

Gref announced the change of the curator of the retail business of Sberbank

The head of Sberbank said that the Chairman of the Board Alexander Torbakhov decided to leave the company. The new curator of the block “Retail business” will be Svetlana Kirsanova

Svetlana Kirsanova

(Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti)

The Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Alexander Torbakhov will leave the credit organization, which oversees the block “Retail business”, said the head of the Bank Herman Gref. According to him, the successor Torbakhov will be Svetlana Kirsanova, currently holds in the savings Bank as Director of the division of “Acquiring and credit cards”.

“Svetlana Kirsanova was approved today as the head of retail banking and Deputy Chairman of the Board. As the Deputy Chairman of the management Board she will be able to take office December 1 following approval of her appointment by the Central Bank,” said Gref.

Speaking about the reasons for leaving Torbahov, Gref said that he decided to change occupation, as was the position of curator for the retail business of the savings Bank for eight years. “You cannot work, perhaps all life on one place,” he added.

Company Giner out of the three leaders in the market of life insurance

Insurance company “Kapital life” lost in the quarter two position in the ranking of life insurers by premium collection and has been outside the top three. The main reason is the loss of sales channels due to a conflict with the “FC Opening”

Evgeny Giner

(Photo: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti)

The insurance company Yevgeny Giner, changed in September 2018 with the “RGS-Life” to “Capital life”, for the first nine months of this year have left the three market leaders in life insurance, dropping to fifth place in the premium collection, from the preliminary data of the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) that was read by RBC.

Previous year “RGS-Life” finished as the second-largest company on the market following the “daughter” of Sberbank, “Sberbank life Insurance”, but in the first quarter began to lose position — its sales fell, while other players grew at a double-digit pace. Soon the company Giner missed a forward party of another financial group “Alfa insurance-Life”. For the first half of the company Giner managed to retain third position, but for the third quarter overtook her “Renaissance life” and “VTB life Insurance”.

Charges of “Capital life” for the first nine months amounted to 22.6 billion rubles, while during the same period last year they were almost two times higher — 42 billion rubles., the Rate of decline awards “Capital life” increase from quarter to quarter in the first quarter, the decrease was 17.1% in the first half — 40% for three quarters — almost 54%.

The Malaysian Prime Minister has accused Goldman Sachs of fraud

Yesterday in Kuala Lumpur announced plans to achieve full compensation payments to the American Bank for the organization of transactions with state Fund 1MDB. “Obviously, we were deceived,” — said the Prime Minister

Mohamad Mahathir

(Photo: Yam G-Jun / AP)

After the deals the state investment Fund 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Malaysia was “deceived” by American bankers, said in an interview with CNBC News Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

American investment Bank is under scrutiny from Supervisory authorities due to the possible role of facilitating the embezzlement of funds through 1MDB. Associated with this organization in the case of alleged money laundering and bribery is being investigated in at least six countries, including Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

Earlier in November, the U.S. Department of justice filed criminal charges on the production of two former bankers at Goldman Sachs. One of them, Tim Leissner, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering and violations of us law on corruption abroad.

The Bank was accused of the chief financial officer of Poland in extortion

The owner of Getin Noble Bank sa, one of the largest private banks in Poland, said the head of the financial inspection invited him to work with his lawyer and promised to support in exchange for 1% of the market capitalization of the Bank

Photo: Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto / Getty Images

The owner of one of the largest private Polish banks Getin Noble Bank Leszek Czarnecki accused the head of the financial supervision of the country (KNF) Marek Janovskeho in a multimillion-dollar extortion of bribes. Write about this newspaper Financial Times (FT) and Wyborcza.

Czarnecki in a statement prepared for the Polish Prosecutor (FT), argues that the head of the financial Supervisory authority, Poland, during a private meeting held on 28 March at his office, the Bank has offered to hire a specific lawyer and pay him 1% of market capitalization in exchange for “support and approval of the restructuring procedure of the Bank, including ensuring the protection of the KNF”.

According to the FT, 1% of the market capitalization of Getin Noble Bank in the day when a private Bank has received the offer, was about 13.6 million PLN, or $3.6 million, Gazeta Wyborcza believes that approximately 40 million PLN, or $10.4 million

The Japanese Central Bank assets exceeded GDP of the country

The Bank of Japan became the first among the regulators of the countries “Big seven”, whose assets are valued higher than the whole economy. The difference between the figures is $7.7 billion

Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

According to the latest figures from the Central Bank of Japan the regulator has assets totaling ¥553,5922 trillion (about $4,8507 trillion). An appropriate message posted on the website of the Japanese Central Bank. This amount, as indicated by Reuters, the country’s GDP, which, according to the latest available at this time information — April—June, amounted to ¥552,8207 trillion ($4,843 trillion). GDP data for July—September, reflecting the situation after natural disasters, are expected on Wednesday, November 14, says the Agency.

However, at the moment, the Central Bank of Japan, as stressed by Reuters, was the first regulator of the countries “Big seven”, whose assets are valued higher than the whole economy of the country he is trying to stimulate. First state GDP only exceeded the value of the assets of the Swiss national Bank, reminds Reuters.

For information on November, the assets of the Japanese Central Bank, as noted by the Agency, also exceed the combined GDP of the five emerging markets — Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, India and Indonesia. In addition, the assets of Japanese Bank more than five times greater than the cost of the most expensive in the world — Apple Inc.

The construction site turned into bills: where the Central Bank has found most of the shadow cashing

Central Bank for the first time revealed data about which sectors of the Russian economy are major clients of the shadow financial market. Third is accounted for by construction and wholesale and retail trade, and another quarter the services sector

Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The Central Bank revealedwhich sectors of the Russian economy create the demand for shadow financial services.

For the first half of 2018 in the lead among consumers of the shadow services, was the construction industry with a share of 30% and wholesale and retail trade with a share of 33%. The bulk of demand in the trade forms the sector of construction and industrial products (20% of total demand), trade in consumer goods accounts for less than 13%. A tangible share of the services sector: services (other than logistics) — 21% of the market, logistic services — 6%.