Alexander Voloshin, the Fund has sold its stake in the online fashion boutique

The Foundation Genome Ventures, a partner of which is Alexander Voloshin, came from among the owners of online retailer who also owns a boutique in Stoleshnikov lane.

Alexander Voloshin

(Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS)

Founded online store businesswoman Aysel Trudel consolidated 100% of OOO “”. This follows from the information to the register, change dated September 28, 2018. Earlier 17,82% of the company belonged to the Foundation Genome Ventures, the partners of which are the former head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin and former head of investment company UBS Securities of Marlene Manasov.

Trudel RBC confirmed the information that became the sole owner of the company. “It has to do with my appointment to the post of CEO and the consolidation of control in the same hands”, she said.

At Genome Ventures did not respond for a request to RBC. To comments Alexander Voloshin and Marlena manasova failed.

“Aeroflot” will not allow their employees to use smartphones in the office

So the leadership of the country’s largest airline intends to deal with the leaks. The ban will apply to mobile phones and other devices to shoot photos and video and to audio

Photo: Valery sharifulin / TASS

The airline “Aeroflot” has prepared the order, which forbid its employees to use in the offices mobile phones with photo, video and audio, and other devices with such functions. About RBC said the representative of “Aeroflot”.

“Order prepared in the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and its purpose — the information security company with state participation. The last case of stuffing in the information field of this order, a copy of which obviously made with a mobile device, clearly shows the correctness of the decision”, — he said.

Earlier information about the company in implementing the initiative appeared in the Twitter the Chairman of the Board of charity Fund “Need help” Mitya Aleshkovsky, who posted a screenshot of the relevant order signed by the head of the company Vitaly Savelyev. In one of the paragraphs of the document says:

Controversial coal: what will end the conflict of the owners of the mines in the Kuzbass

The company “Severny Kuzbass” was put up for sale amid a corporate conflict. Among the potential buyers — businessmen Viktor Nusenkis and Andrey Bokarev, as well as the owner of “Uzhuralzoloto” Konstantin Strukov

Shakhta “Berezovskaya”

(Photo: Coal company “Severny Kuzbass”)

The owners of the company “Northern Kuzbass”, which owns two mines — “Berezovskaya” and “day” (they mined coal used for steel production), and concentrating factory “Northern”, consider the possibility of selling the business. About this RBC reported a source close to the leadership of the company and its consultant.

According to one of interlocutors of RBC, the “Northern Kuzbass” interested in “three or four large holding”. Another source claims that a preliminary agreement on the sale has “one of the Kemerovo businessmen”.

The asset owner is interested in “Juzhuralzolota” Konstantin Strukov, which in 2017 bought mine “Kiselevsky” the holding company “Siberian business Union” by Michael Fedyaeva and Vladimir Gridin, says one of the interlocutors RBC. In addition, it watched the former owner of the mine “Zarechnaya” Victor Nusenkis and co-owner of “Kuzbassrazrezugol” Andrey Bokarev. Representatives of the “Juzhuralzolota” and “Kuzbassrazrezugol” – declined to comment. With Nusenkis could not be reached.

The FAS has suggested to toughen the requirements to the stock traders gasoline

The Federal Antimonopoly service jointly with the Central Bank and the St. Petersburg commodity exchange, developed measures, which should protect the exchange by speculators

Photo: Michael Buholzer / Reuters

To reduce speculative pressure on the oil market, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has proposed to tighten the requirements for bidders of petrol on the stock exchange. This is stated in the answer of the Deputy head of FAS Anatoly golomolzina to a request to RBC.

The proposals of the FAS was developed in conjunction with the Central Bank and St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) on the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. Implementation of complex of measures will allow to increase discipline of the bidders, and to solve the problem of the influence of resale of the goods by the dealers on formation of indicators of prices, according to its authors.

Here’s what I propose FAS, the Central Bank and SPIMEX:

Found a buyer for belonging to defense Ministry land near the Kremlin

OOO “citizen” has won the auction for the purchase of the site of 1.36 hectares in the centre of Moscow, situated on the balance of the defense Ministry. During the auction the price rose from 1,249 to 2.37 billion rubles Previously, the company was not seen in development projects

Photo: Natalia Garnelis / TASS

The winner of the auction for the sale of land at Sadovnicheskaya street with an area of 1.36 hectares, being in the Federal property and 13 buildings with a total area of 7800 sq m was “citizen”. About RBC said the representative of JSC “House.Of the Russian Federation”, which conducted the auction.

Sitizen, OOO according to SPARK, belongs to Alexander Leonov. A company with a share capital of only 10 thousand rubles were registered in January 2018 and has not been seen in development projects. Alexander Leonov declined to comment on plans for the development of the plot and in whose interests the company operates.

This auction was attended by six potential buyers. Besides the “citizen” for the right to buy a plot struggled “gals invest”, “Stroygrad”, “Terra Optima”, a natural person Aleksandr Ryzhov and “Index groups”. However, as follows from the Protocol of consideration of applications for participation in the auction 14 November, the “Index group” dropped out of the race, she was denied the right to participate in the auction due to the lack of a Deposit.

With the Bullish Day: how Rotenberg traded the island for military facilities

RBC became known details of the exchange of lands between the DoD and judo club “yawara-Neva” Arkady Rotenberg. Instead of the yacht club and cottages in St. Petersburg, the structure of the businessman has received two plots of a total area of 10 hectares in Moscow

Arkady Rotenberg

(Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC)

Property management special projects (WISP) of the Ministry of defence and sports club judo (ACS) “yawara-Neva”, which, according to the register, owned by businessman Arkady Rotenberg, exchanged the estate.

The structure of the Ministry of defense got the unfinished project of sports and hotel complex in St. Petersburg, wrote “Rosbalt” in October. The transfer of property to the military Department is supported by data of Rosreestr. The construction of the complex occupied the entire territory of a small island of Bullish, which is located near the stadium “Saint-Petersburg” (known as “Zenit-arena”). Then with reference to the sources reported that “yawara-Neva” could get in exchange for this project two sites in Moscow, Khoroshevskoye and Warsaw highway.

As found RBC, we are talking about the territory of the former military base in the southern Chertanovo and the depot of the defense Ministry Khoroshevskoye shosse, 40A. Information about the transfer of rights to these areas from structure of the Ministry of defense to SKD “yawara-Neva” is reflected in the data of the unified state register of real estate (egrn).

Russian mortgage Bank has announced the cessation of payments

In connection with mass outflow of funds from accounts of clients of Russian mortgage Bank has announced the cessation of payments. The Bank said it faced a wave of negative publications on the Internet and social networks

Photo: Irina Borschenko / Photobank Lori

Russian mortgage Bank (“rib”) announced the termination of operating activities. A message posted on the home page of its website.

The appeal to customers of the Bank reported that the decision to suspend the activities taken in connection with mass withdrawal of customer funds from the accounts. Cause unrest depositors in RIBA tied to the wave of negative publications in the Internet, “social networks and various forums and anonymous Telegram channels.”

“In the current situation, to implement the Bank’s operations, including with use of remote channels, in normal mode not possible”, — stated in the message.

The reconstruction of the airport on Solovki will be occupied by Timchenko

Stroytransgaz was the only company that responded to a request to participate in the contest. The contract value is estimated at 2.6 billion rubles. Reconstruction will be financed from the budget of the Arkhangelsk region

Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

The company “Stroytransgaz” businessman Gennady Timchenko was awarded a contract for reconstruction of the airport on the Solovetsky Islands. Relevant information is posted on the procurement website. The attention she drew Russian service Bi-bi-si.

The price of the contract — 2.58 billion. the customer is the state institution of the Arkhangelsk region “Main administration of capital construction”. Work to Finance the administration of the Arkhangelsk region from its budget.

Stroytransgaz will have to completely reconstruct the runway, install runway lighting system, to build a new passenger terminal building (currently it is a wooden three-storey building), warehouse, Parking for planes and equipment, as well as a checkpoint.

Determine Award nominees RBC 2018

Published the long list for the fifth Award to RBC — got 52. The procedure for determining the winners this year have changed: the winners will choose the experts and the audience of RBC was awarded “the Prize of spectator sympathies”

Selection was involved in the curators and expert tips the six nominations: “Manager”, “Entrepreneur”, “Startup”, “Investor”, “Visionary”, “Manager in the social sphere”.

Only RBC Award nominated 52: in the long list were those who made this year the most vivid and striking advances in business and management and received a high evaluation of the expert community.

Now continuing online voting, and experts will decide who will be included in the shortlist for the RBC Award, until November 19. November 20 experts meet at the only in-person meeting and a closed vote will select the winners of the RBC Award.

Sberbank became the main owner of the clothing network Concept Club

Sberbank received 51% in the Concept Group, to develop the clothing network Concept Club and Acoola. The stake was collateral for the loan service which the company has any problems. Previously, the controlling shareholder was AFK “Sistema”

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC

Sberbank became the owner of 51% in Cyprus Rangecroft Limited, which owns retail clothing chains Concept Club and Acoola (the holding company Concept Group, LLC “the Concept group”). Appropriate changes have been made in the Cyprus register of October 15. While this change of control was in AFK “System” Vladimir Yevtushenkov — now it has reduced its stake from 63.28 to 42,88%. Also decreased the share of White Park Holdings Ltd, co-founder of the group of Lars Petterson — from 12.5 to 6.12%. Of capital is completely out of the company Lenox International Holdings Ltd, representing the second of the founder, Leonid Khanika — she belonged to 24,22%.

In AFK “System” RBC confirmed the information about change of structure of shareholders. Contact Pattersona and Hanekom failed. Sberbank declined to comment.

As Sberbank was in clothing retail, is understood to RBC.