Sands predicted the change of capital outflows to inflows

Press Secretary of the President convinced that in Russia conditions for capital flows. In turn, the Minister of economic development believes that “a new wave of arrival of new investors” will happen in the next period of stability

Dmitry Peskov

(Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

Reason for worry due to the increase in capital outflow from Russia is not, said spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov. In an interview with TV channel “Rain” he said that the macroeconomic situation in Russia is stable, despite “moments of volatility”, in that more capital goes outside the country.

“Different situation. But there are still absolutely free to invest, and this is a guarantee that on change outflow inflow will come”, — said Peskov.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia reported that in January—October of 2018, the outflow of capital from Russia amounted to $42.2 billion, almost three times the figure in the first ten months of 2017. The Central Bank also noted that the reason for the growth in the outflow of capital began operations of banks for the repayment of external liabilities and operations of enterprises of other sectors for the acquisition of financial assets abroad.

Italy kept the project budget in 2019, contrary to the claims of Brussels

The government sent to the European Commission’s draft budget for next year unchanged, despite the requirements to bring it into line with EU requirements. The previous version of the document was rejected

Giovanni Tria

(Photo: Zeus / Zuma / TASS)

The head of the Ministry of economy and Finance of Italy Giovanni Tria sent to the European Commission the Council of Ministers the draft budget of the country in 2019. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry.

The agreed-upon indicators of the budget of the Italian government left unchanged. Like additional cover letters Minister (.pdf) that describes the strategy and content of the budget for next year, the deficit remains at 2.4% of GDP, the growth forecast is at 1.5%.

To accelerate the reduction in the ratio of debt and GDP growth, as well as reduce risks of possible macroeconomic shocks, the Italian government plans tighter control of costs and will intensify the privatisation of state assets: the income from it, the authorities intend to increase to 1% of GDP in 2019. According to the developers budget, this will reduce the debt to GDP ratio by 0.3 percentage points this year, by 1.7 percentage points in 2019 and 1.9 percentage points in 2020.

The price of Brent crude oil fell by $5 per day

For one trading session, a barrel of Brent crude oil fell more than $5, the price fell below $65. The previous trades were closed at a mark of $70 per barrel. Falling per day exceeded 7%

Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

At the auctions in London the price of Brent crude oil fell below $65 per barrel. and reached $64,64, according to the exchange ICE. Last time at this level, the oil traded in March 2018.

The price of oil falls for the sixth consecutive week, Tuesday, November 13, dropping by more than 7%. On the local maximum 3 Oct the price of oil exceeded $86 per barrel for two months, a barrel of Brent fell by more than $20.

Us WTI crude oil also fell in the previous auction closed at $60 per barrel. as of 23:00 Moscow time WTI traded below $55 per barrel. however, later the price rose again slightly above this level.

Tmall revealed sales in Russia the world day of shopping

The Russians were more likely to make orders in Tmall on singles Day. This year on 11 November the number of orders on the site compared to 2017 increased two times

Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

The number of orders from Russia in the online store Tmall (included with AliExpress at Alibaba Group) during the world day of shopping, or singles Day, compared with last year increased by 102%, told RBC in the press service of the company. At the same time Russian celler in the marketplace number of orders that day increased by 76%, said the press service.

Singles day — the Chinese holiday that is celebrated on 11 November and devoted to people who are not married. On this day, AliExpress and others joined the “celebration” retailers traditionally hold sales similar to black Friday in the United States.

In Russia Tmall, as explained by its representatives, is divided into two businesses: a part of the goods platform buys and sells itself, and the other part “takes” partners-sellers. Thus, the number of orders from the Russian seller in the online store compared to the 11 November 2017 this time increased by 76%. All in all, the number of orders from Tmall, compared with last year’s singles Day has increased by 102%.

Putin urged to ensure the optimum price for oil of $70 per barrel

The President did not say whether to limit oil production, but said it should be “optimal” for producers and consumers — in the neighborhood of $70 per barrel

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

It is necessary to ensure the optimal price of oil for consumers and producers, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This statement was made by Putin at a press conference in Singapore, reports “Interfax”.

“We need the optimal price for both producers and consumers. Here’s what is now, what was quite recently — about $ 70 per barrel, we are quite satisfied,” he added.

The President did not say that production must be limited, noting that it is sensitive for the Russian budget question.

The group “the Crystal-Lefortovo” has reduced its retail network up to eight times

Closed this year most of their alcoholic enterprises group “the Crystal-Lefortovo” collapses and retail network. From the beginning of 2017 the number of corporate stores decreased eight times

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Alcoholic group “the Crystal-Lefortovo” winding down its retail network alkomarketov “Crystal”, which in 2016 was among the ten largest in Russia. If on 1 January 2017, the network had 300 retail outlets, then in November of 2018, there were only 38, follows from the data “INFOLine-Analytics”.

By the end of 2016 in the rating of FMCG alkomarketov INFOLine Russia TOP network “Crystal” took sixth place and the number of outlets and in terms of revenue (6 billion rubles). By the end of 2017 “Crystal” in the ranking is already the 14th highest number of stores (162) and shared eighth place with the trading house “Ekstrasib” in terms of revenue (4 billion rubles). Now the network, according to “INFOLine-Analytics”, not even the top twenty.

Section with information on retail stores in early fall of 2018 also disappeared from the website “the Crystal-Lefortovo”. A spokesman for the group declined to give the reasons for the closure of outlets and the company’s plans in the retail segment.

The company Rotenberg will build a Museum complexes for 80 billion rubles.

“Stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg, who built the Crimean bridge received major new contracts for the construction of cultural complexes in Sevastopol, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. The sum of contracts exceeds 80 billion rubles.

Arkady Rotenberg

(Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

New project Rothenberg

Fund “National cultural heritage”, established in June 2018, the Mariinsky theatre, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery and the Bolshoi theatre has signed the contract for the construction of Museum and theatre-educational complex in Sevastopol with the “Stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg. About it told the local newspaper ForPost and confirmed RBC representative of “SGM”.

According to ForPost, a contract was signed for five years — until the second quarter of 2023, and it amounted to 25 billion rubles. It is confirmed RBC a source in the government.

The Dutch Bank turned the settlement with UC Rusal in euros because of the sanctions

UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska has received the consent of the Dutch Bank ING to change settlement currency from the dollar to the Euro loan of $2 billion or the company would be unable to pay off the Bank in the case of the entry into force of US sanctions

Photo: Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

Transfer in euros

UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska in August has received the consent of ING Bank for changing the currency of payment from dollars to euros in credit raised before 6 April 2018, when sanctions were imposed in the United States against the manufacturer of aluminium. It follows from the report for the third quarter “RUSAL Bratsk”, the largest plant of the company.

ING is the agent of the loan under the contract pre-export financing from 24 may 2017 up to $2 billion, “ING Bank provides consent to the necessary changes (…) in the sales documents, entered into before 6 April 2018, to ensure the ability to make or receive payment in euros,” — said in the report.

GAZ group refused because of the sanctions, to disclose the statements

GAZ group took advantage of the August resolution of the government did not publish quarterly reports. That right there companies that are under Western sanctions, and those that can under them to get

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / TASS

GAZ group will not disclose the report for the third quarter of 2018, because of the threat of sanctions. An appropriate message of the company published on the portal of information disclosure.

In his announcement of a GAS refers to the decree of the government dated 17 August 2018 No. 959, which allows companies that are already under sanctions, not to publish statements. The same right is granted to the companies that publish records threatens to leak into the secondary sanctions. Report for the second quarter of GAZ group announced in early August — then this government resolution has not been published.

GAZ group is included into the holding “Russian machines” Oleg Deripaska. With APR billionaire, GAZ group and a number of his assets are under sanctions from the U.S. Treasury. Leading the group out from under us sanctions in mid-October was discussed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, and U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman.

After checking retired the head of the “daughter” of “Rosatom”

The head of the company, ensuring implementation of contracts, “Roskosmos” with foreign customers, resigned. This happened after the inspection, which was initiated by Dmitry Rogozin

Denis Lyskov

(Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti)

The CEO of the company “glavkosmos” (“daughter” of “Rosatom”, is engaged in providing foreign contracts of the Corporation) Denis Lyskov resigned. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to Roscosmos.

“We confirm this information”, — quotes Agency the words of the interlocutor. He noted that as “Roscosmos” translated all foreign economic operations of the enterprises of the industry in the “glavkosmos”, at the direction of the General Director of rostec Dmitry Rogozin was initiated to verify the activities of the “child” of the company. “The results of which the head of “Glavkosmos” Denis Lyskov left his post”, — said the Agency. Nominations for his replacement will soon present.

“Glavkosmos” coordinates of the Russian-European project “Soyuz in Guiana space center” and international launches of rockets “Soyuz-ST-B” is the official distributor of remote sensing data of earth remote sensing “Resurs-P and kanopus-V” and operator commercial launches of “Soyuz-2” with the Russian cosmodrome, reads the website of the company.