Russia increased its investments in US treasuries

In September, Russia has returned to increasing its share in US debt after a short break, on the background of the new sanctions risks. However, to get rid of long securities short Moscow continued

Photo: Sertac Kayar / Reuters

The U.S. Treasury Department released a new report on the countries — holders of us government bonds. According to him, in September, Russia has increased its investments in securities of U.S. securities to $14,419 billion In August, Russia was holding US government bonds by $14,097 billion.

At the same time Russia even more reallocated their investments in favor of short-term Treasury securities. In August, Russia held in long-term (with maturity more than one year) securities of $3.4 billion in September to $2.9 billion Investment in short-term securities in August stood at $10.7 billion in September and $11.5 billion.

In August, Russia along with the reduction of investments in U.S. government bonds are shifted from long securities short. Thus, Moscow has for the first time at least since 2011, was more short than long papers. Similar steps were taken against the new risk of sanctions against Russia. In August, the US Congress issued a bill on new anti-Russian sanctions, and the state Department announced plans to impose sanctions against Moscow because of the “business Skrypalia”.

Bloomberg has estimated the losses of the Russian economy from sanctions

Due to sanctions Western countries, Russia’s economy in 2014 are unable to grow further by 6% of GDP, experts say Bloomberg

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

Experts Bloomberg has built an economic model that demonstrates how to develop the Russian economy, if the Western countries in 2014, has not imposed sanctions against Russia. The difference between actual and potential (without sanctions) rate of growth of the Russian economy, according to estimates by Bloomberg, up to 10%.

To calculate what is the contribution of sanctions, is difficult enough, experts admit. For example, the impact on the economy has also had a drop in oil prices since the second half of 2014, says Bloomberg, however, the current level of development of the Russian economy can not be explained.

Russia vs Ukraine: what scenarios are possible in a dispute about $3 billion

The UK Supreme court begins consideration of the dispute of Russia and Ukraine about Ukrainian bonds for $3 billion RBC figured out how you can develop the events surrounding this litigation

Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

Russia appealed on September the decision of the court of Appeal of England in a dispute with Ukraine on the outstanding $3 billion Dispute has been ongoing for almost three years and now reached the Supreme court of the United Kingdom.

A brief chronology of the dispute

  • In December 2015, Ukraine refused to repay Russia $3,075 billion Eurobond issued in late 2013 in favor of the national welfare Fund of Russia.

The media learned about the illegal delivery to Russia of Belgian pears at €240 million

Producers of pears in Belgium and the Netherlands in the last four years, has supplied its products to bypass the retaliatory sanctions imposed by Russian government

Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Companies from Belgium and the Netherlands recent years continued to supply pears to Russia bypassing sanctions, according to broadcaster RTBF with reference to the survey, which was conducted by the newspaper De Volkskrant. According to preliminary estimates, every year they were sent to Russia about 70 thousand tons of fruit worth about €56 million.

The publication indicates that the producers of the Benelux trafficked pears to Russia through Belarus and Lithuania, presenting the certificates, which show that fruit grown outside the EU. The documents they get from corrupt health authorities in Africa.

The channel claims that the machinations of the Belgians and the Dutch are unable to sell in Russia about half of the volume that was there prior to the introduction of retaliatory sanctions.

The operator announced the stop of gas supply via the Nord stream

Due to a failure in the power supply on the morning of Saturday, November 17, was temporarily stopped pumping gas through the pipeline “Nord stream”. This was reported by the operator Gascade. The cause of the failure the company is not called

The end point of the pipeline “Nord stream” near Greifswald

(Photo: press service of Nord Stream AG)

A failure in the power supply system led to stop flow of gas through the pipeline “Nord stream” on Saturday, November 17. About it reported in a press release the operator Gascade.

“At about 04:00 in the morning on gasolene station in Greifswald was stopped the supply of natural gas due to a failure in the power supply. Gascade has taken steps for resumption of transportation”, — said in a press release.

The accident occurred at 6:00 and about 13:00 Moscow time, the representative of the company told TASSthat the specialists will continue to work Troubleshooting. According to him, the system is already put into operation, but on the full restoration of supply would take some time.

The representative of the Rybolovlev said the words of the Prince on the sale of FC “Monaco”

Plans for the sale of the football club “Monaco” Dmitry Rybolovlev no, said his spokesman. Earlier, the Prince of Monaco albert II said that if the charges against Rybolovlev confirmed, the businessman should give up the club

Dmitry Rybolovlev (left) and the Prince of Monaco albert II on the match of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League

(Photo: TASS)

Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev is not going to sell the football club “Monaco”, said RBC representative of the businessman. Earlier, the Prince of Monaco albert II said that Rybolovlev, who was suspected of corruption and trading in influence, should give up leadership of the club if he is found guilty.

“As for FC, as Monaco, Dmitry Rybolovlev has no plans to sell the club and intends to continue to support its development, as it has always done, starting from the date of acquisition of the club in 2011,” — said the representative of the billionaire.

According to the representative, “while ongoing legal proceedings, Dmitry Rybolovlev does not intend in any way to comment on neither their course nor their situation in Monaco”.

The Prince of Monaco for the first time responded to the case Rybolovlev

According to Prince albert II, a businessman should abandon the football club, if he is found guilty. In Monaco Dmitry Rybolovlev was suspected of corruption and influence-peddling

Dmitry Rybolovlev (left) and Prince albert II (right)

(Photo: Eric Gaillard / Reuters)

Prince of Monaco albert II in an interview with Mediapart said the situation around Russian businessman and owner of football club “Monaco” Dmitry Rybolovlev, who was suspected of corruption and trading in influence. The Prince believes that, if the fault of the businessman is proved, he should give up leadership of the club.

“We have to wait until the end of the investigation. If all this is proven, I think he needs to go [from the club],” said Prince albert II. “We must respect the presumption of innocence, unless he decides to end his presidency in Monaco, while we can’t rush”, he added.

Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev was arrested on 6 November in Monaco at the request of local prosecutors. As reported by French newspaper Le Monde, in his apartment in Monte Carlo searches were carried out. All actions were taken under investigation on suspicion of corruption and trading in influence, according to the publication.

Exchange without Rosneft: what will happen to the fuel market

“Rosneft” unilaterally stopped trading the fuel on the stock exchange on Friday, it led to higher prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. RBC found out what move the company faces market and Rosneft

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

“Rosneft” for two days — 15 and 16 November — has stopped the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel on Sankt-Petersburg international commodity exchange, follows from the data of the auction.

On 16 November, the trading volume amounted to 72,783 tons Is 15% less than November 14, when “Rosneft” even participated in them. On 15 November due to the departure of “Rosneft” to exchange the volume of transactions fell by 19%, to 69,106 thousand tons of oil products.

On 16 November, prices for all types of fuel: gasoline AI-92 rose by 2.28% to 49,702 thousand rbl. for 1 t, AI-95 — by 1.5%, to 52,805 thousand rbl. for 1 t, and winter diesel — on 2,63%, to 55,892 thousand RUB per 1 ton.

The government will discuss an alternative to the export allowance, Railways

Despite the fact that FAS has approved an export premium to the RZD tariffs, the government next week will consider alternative proposals exporters. They suggested to raise a tariff on export, and domestic transportation

Photo: Anastasia Dieva / TASS

In the government next week will consider proposals of exporters to solve the financial problems of the Railways is the introduction of the export allowance of 8% for freight rates from 2019, told RBC two sources familiar with the case. The representatives of the Vice-premiers Dmitry Kozak (in charge of the industry) and Maxim Akimov declined to comment.

Exporters initiated a discussion in the government of alternative export premium, although the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia has approved her for all goods except petroleum products and aluminium.

Offers exporters the President of RSPP Alexander Shokhin, on 8 November wrote to the President of the government Dmitry Medvedev. They are listed in the minutes of the meeting of the RSPP, on the long-term program of development of Russian Railways until 2025, which is attached to the letter Shokhin (have RBC).

Gasoline prices on the stock exchange rose after the departure of “Rosneft” from the auction

“Rosneft” for the second day in a row did not sell petrol and diesel on the stock exchange on Friday, trading volumes fell by 15%. Fuel prices that were down during the week, resumed growth

Photo: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

“Rosneft” for the second consecutive day does not sell fuel on Sankt-Petersburg international commodity exchange, follows from the data of the auction.

On Friday, November 16, the volume of trading amounted to 72,783 tons Is 15% less than on 14 November, when Rosneft participated in the auction. The company stopped the sale on 15 November, then the volume of deals fell by 19%, to 69,106 thousand tons of oil products.

16 Nov, prices for all types of fuel: gasoline AI-92 rose by 2.28% to 49,702 thousand rbl. for 1 t, AI-95 — by 1.5%, to 52,805 thousand rbl. for 1 t, and winter diesel — on 2,63%, to 55,892 thousand RUB per 1 ton.

The cause of rising prices — care exchange “Rosneft”, said President of the Independent fuel Union (unites independent of gas stations and traders) Pavel Bazhenov. Theoretically, stock prices had to sink: export alternative (the cost of fuel abroad excluding transport costs and taxes) fell, begins the low season, he says.

If “Rosneft” will not return to the exchange, in a day or two in some regions there is a shortage of fuel, according to the Bazhenov. In Eastern Siberia and the far East the owners of the independent gas stations can buy fuel on the basis of “Rosneft”. If the company does not resume sales of petroleum products will have to carry, for example, from Omsk oil refinery “Gazprom oil”, which will lead to higher prices in retail, explains Bazhenov.