“Auchan” begin to develop a network of convenience stores under the brand

Russian shops “Attacks”

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Russian shops “Attacks” change the sign to “Auchan”. Within six years, the retailer will spend more than RUB 1 billion on re-branding 180 shops

The company “Auchan” refuse “brand Attacks” and begin to develop convenience stores under the brand “My Auchan”. About this to journalists today said the President of “AUCHAN Retail Russia” Jean-Pierre ZHERMEN. According to him, the decision to combine the sales channels under one brand aimed at improving the efficiency and development of multi-channel network.

Within six years the company intends to convert all stores “Attacks” under the brand name “Auchan”. The first supermarket “Attacks” opened in 2005.

“Now open 180 supermarkets “Attacks”, they need to be redone from a commercial point of view and from the point of view of signs. All of this will cost 1 billion rubles, even a little more,” said Germain. It is expected that the process can take a year and a half.

In this and the next year the company plans to open 20 new supermarkets “Auchan”. After the completion of the rebranding dynamics will accelerate, and in 2018 may reach 35-40 stores.

In addition, rebranding the stores will be “In step”, which “Ashan” began to open in summer 2015. During this time there were only four such shops in Moscow. They will work under the guise of “My Auchan”.

This is a new format for the “Auchan”. The first such facility opened in late August on the street Rogozhsky Val, Moscow. The investments amounted to RUB 35 million, Its area is 445 sq. m, the number of items amounted to 4,3 thousand the Peculiarity of this format in the presence of our own bakery, coffee to go and a significant proportion — 57% — fresh produce, explain the representatives of the retailer. Now the company is testing the format.

“The test while only in Moscow. To test city and center, and in places near the metro stations. I wonder how this will work,” says Germain. Once development plans are approved, the retailer intends to open a year from 8 to 10 stores, “My Auchan”.

Another chain of convenience stores “Every day” that “Auchan” is developing in 2015 and where to sell their own brands, will retain its sign. The company plans to open 8-10 stores Every day in the year.

Kerry urged to investigate attacks Russia and Syria as a war crime

The destruction in the Syrian rebel-held district of Bustan al-Basha. Aleppo, 6 Oct 2016


Operation in Syria

The state Duma ratified the agreement on the Russian air group in Syria

Merkel urged Russia to stop the “horrific” violence in Aleppo

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The head of the US state Department John Kerry urged to investigate the actions of Russia and Syria as “war crimes”. As an example, the Secretary called the attacks on hospitals, which, according to him, the cause Moscow and Damascus

The actions of the Syrian government forces and the Russian military must be investigated as war crimes. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, reports Reuters.

“Russia and the Assad regime, the world needs more than explanations for why they continue to launch attacks on hospitals, medical institutions, and women and children,” said Kerry before meeting with foreign Minister of France.

According to the head of the state Department, such action requires “a proper investigation as war crimes”. “Those who carried out their will and have to answer for what happened,” he said.

According to Kerry, last night Syrian forces launched a new attack on a hospital in Aleppo, which killed 20 people, another 100 people were wounded.

According to data of the international organization “Doctors without borders”, of July of this year, eight hospitals in Eastern Aleppo was caused at least 23 strikes. Two major health facilities in which operations are carried out under fire five times each, and one from October was forced to stop work, the statement of the organization.

Over the past two weeks in Aleppo was officially registered 377 killed in the bombing, say “Doctors without borders”.

Government forces in the besieged Eastern Aleppo remain about 250 thousand people. They are completely isolated and suffer from lack of basic goods, the statement said. The fuel shortage has affected the activities of ambulances and hospitals, said the organization.


Rosneft responded to the words of the Central Bank to influence the purchase of “Bashneft” on the ruble

Photo: Bloomberg

Privatization Of “Rosneft”

Medvedev promised to privatize “Bashneft” and “Rosneft” to the end of the year
30 Sep, 19:17

Ulyukayev said about the lack of interest of India towards privatization of “Rosneft”
15 Sep, 19:25

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Rosneft does not intend to sell the currency for the purchase of “Bashneft”, reported Mikhail Leontyev. It was a response to the statement of the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia yudayeva that the ruble may strengthen for a while

The acquisition by Rosneft of a controlling stake of “Bashneft” will have no impact on the currency market, has declared “to Interfax” the press-Secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev. According to him, the company will not convert currency for the transaction.

“Nothing to sell nor to buy nor to commit acts of this kind, we will not, because if you pay attention to the pattern of actions of our company, then you could guess that we are in this deal are ready,” — said Leontiev.

Earlier on Friday, first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva in an interview with Bloomberg saidthat the sale of Rosneft’s currency for the purchase of shares of “Bashneft” can cause a temporary strengthening of the ruble. “This may have little impact on the ruble, which other things being equal, maybe a little stronger temporarily, but not more,” she said.

On Thursday, the government promulgated directives that Rosneft’s purchase of 50.08% of shares of “Bashneft” at a price not higher than 330 billion roubles (originally the consulting company E&Y estimated the package to 297-315 bn). Directive suggest that the members of the Board of Directors of “Rosneft”, which the state must instruct the head of the company Igor Sechin until October 15 to sign the contract of purchase and sale and to achieve necessary for the transaction of permits.

The government also plans in 2016 to sell 19.5% of Rosneft shares. Including discussing the scheme, under which Rosneft will buy out its own shares from state-owned Rosneftegaz for 700 billion rubles, and then sell them to a strategic investor or parts on the market, wrote “Vedomosti”. Analysts at Raiffeisenbank saidthat such a scheme can result in a risk of shortage of currency in the market.

The exchange rate of the dollar fell below 62 RUB for the first time since October 2015

Photo: Dmitry Rogulin/TASS

After the release of worse-than-expected data on the state of the labor market in the US dollar for the first time 23 October 2015 fell below 62 RUB at the same time the dollar fell against most major currencies

The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange fell sharply, despite the absence of jumps in oil prices. In about forty minutes the U.S. dollar exchange rate, which is steadily on the rise during morning trading, fell by almost 50 kopecks. At a minimum, the dollar fell to RUB 61,9525 that by 17.75 kopecks below the closing level of the previous trading session.

Below $ 62 RUB the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange fell for the first time since October 23, 2015.

The Euro also retreated from the highs of the day, losing about 30 kop. and down around the level of the close of trading Thursday.

The strengthening of the ruble occurred against the background of absence of significant rise in world oil prices. In the course of trading on the ICE exchange on Friday, the price of a barrel of Brent oil kept these minutes at the close of the previous trading, hovering near $52,5.

The jump in volatility in currency trading occurred after the U.S. government released data on the state of the country’s labor market, which turned out worse than expected by the market. According to the Ministry of labor of the United States, the number of jobs in the country increased in September to 172 thousand, and only 156 thousand, and the unemployment rate in the USA unexpectedly for analysts has increased from 4.9% to 5%.

Output of labor statistics led to the decline of the dollar against other major currencies. Against the Euro it fell by about 0.83%, the Swiss franc — on 0,72%, to Japanese yen — 1%.

16:30 MSK cost of a barrel of Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange totaled $52.4, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange have been adjusted to 62,0325 Euro — RUB to 69.41

A gift to President: what are the banners made for the birthday of Putin

October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrates 64 years. In Moscow, new York and Dresden appeared banners and graffiti with the image of the President of Russia

The first banner of congratulations to President Putin appeared in new York on the Manhattan bridge over the East river. This was reported by CBS New York, Putin was depicted on the background of the Russian flag at the bottom of the banner it was written “Peacemaker” (“Peacemaker”). Soon the banner was removed by the police. Who and for what purpose hung is unknown.

Photo: Nathan Tempey/AP

A similar banner appeared on the Crimean bridge in Moscow. The President is depicted in the background of the flag and map of Syria. According to the data of the REN TV channel, a banner hung by students from Syria studying in Moscow. So they decided to congratulate Putin on his birthday.

Photo: Anton Belitsky

The image of the Russian President with the words “peacemaker” (“peacemaker”) was introduced on 7 October in Dresden on the wall, where Putin lived from 1985 to 1990. About it on Twitter said the Russian Embassy in Germany.

Photo: Twitter of the Russian Embassy in Germany

Putin will celebrate his birthday with family and friends, reported yesterday its press-Secretary Dmitry Medvedev.

Congratulations to Putin turned his first teacher Vera Gurevich, and deputies of the state Duma has decided to give President 450 roses.

Last year the President held a birthday party on the ice, scoring seven goals in the match Night hockey League.

The Prosecutor’s office found violations at the Lipetsk factory Roshen

Confectionery factory ROSHEN in Lipetsk, October 2014

Photo: Alexander Ryumin/TASS

The Prosecutor’s office found violations of requirements of the legislation on industrial safety at Lipetsk factory Roshen, which belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The Prosecutor’s office of October district of Lipetsk on the audit of JSC physical therapy “Roshen” revealed numerous violations of requirements of the legislation on industrial safety, reported the press service of the Supervisory authority.

The claim of the prosecution was the fact that the technological scheme of the gas equipment of the enterprise does not correspond to its actual location on the outer sections of the pipelines is corrosion, and in areas close to gas distribution networks stored construction materials. In addition, the plan of measures on localization and liquidation of accidents consequences at hazardous production facilities do not meet the requirements of normative documents, said the Prosecutor’s office.

By results of check officials of the plant responsible for industrial safety, the Supervisory authority issued four decisions on cases of administrative offences. Guilty officials were fined 20 thousand rubles each.

Holding Roshen, a major producer of confectionary belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Putting forward his candidacy for the presidency, he promised in case of victory to sell his main asset, but this has still not happened. Currently engaged in asset management Rothschild Trust.

The Deposit insurance Fund will replenish at the expense of banks and loan of the Central Bank

Photo: Love Mishina for RBC

DIA dramatically increased the contributions to the Fund for the banks, overestimating the rate of return on deposits. This increase is painful for small regional banks, according to bankers

Banks that offer citizens the deposits with a high profitability will increase the level of contributions to the Deposit insurance Fund (DIF). As follows from messages of the DIA, the Agency Board of Directors Thursday, October 6, decided to increase for these banks increased supplementary rate to the maximum possible level of 500% of the base.

“The Board of Directors ASV has decided to increase the higher additional rate of insurance contributions payable by banks — participants of system of insurance of contributions to the Fund of obligatory insurance of contributions (further — fosw). Since the first quarter of 2017, this rate is set at 400% of the base rate, as from the second quarter of 2017 increased additional rate of insurance contributions will be 500% of base rates”, — stated in the message of ASV.

The solution for those credit institutions that offer deposits with interest rates at 3 percentage points above the base rate, calculated by the Central Bank (in October 2016, it was 10,19% per annum for deposits for a term longer than one year). Now for these banks set an additional rate of 300% of the base.

First, banks have to pay a higher additional amount to the Fund from the second half of 2015. In 2016, it twice increased in April from 150 to 200%, and October — up to 300%. After only three months, it has announced another sharp increase up to 500%. “That is, those credit organizations, which offer deposits with interest rates at 3 percentage points above the base rate of the Central Bank, will be paid to the Fund of 0.36% and 0.48% and 0,6%, respectively, of the volume of deposits for the quarter, indicates the analyst of PSB Dmitry Monastyrshin.

The rate change was expected for market participants, as previously, for the increase in deductions for the most aggressive of the banks was made by the Bank of Russia and Ministry of Finance. In particular, in September at the banking forum in Sochi Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov noted that these banks carry a higher risk for the system, and therefore should bear a greater burden for financing the insurance Fund. He said that an increased rate to Fund the DIA in the second quarter paid 117 banks. Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said in September that “banks a little, but their policy is damaging to the market.”

The increase in contribution rates, additional contributions of up to 500% very painful for small regional banks, the Chairman of the Board of ROSBANK Dmitry Olyunin. He explains that many regional actors working in the high-margin segments of the business, so they can afford to attract expensive funding. “In fact, interest rates on deposits was the only way they can compete with the big players,” — said the banker.

Despite the measures that the DIA takes to replenish the insurance Fund, raising the rate of contributions to the Fund is very likely, says the Chairman of SDM Bank Maxim Solntsev. “The big players are offered a differentiated approach depending on the yield offered to investors by banks. But I’m afraid the growth in the number of revoked licenses, the number of supporters of the rate hike will grow,” says Solntsev.

“Increasing rates of deductions — bad news for banks. However, an abnormal situation when the Central Bank their loans financed the cleaning of the banking sector”, — said the chief economist of Alfa Bank Natalia Orlova.

A new loan from the Bank

In a release from the Agency following the meeting of the Board of Directors, published on Friday, nothing was said about the credit of the Central Bank. However, later the Agency reported that the meeting approved the appeal to the Bank of Russia with a request to increase to 220 billion rubles the amount of the loan to ensure the financial sustainability of the Deposit insurance system. Thus, this limit is expected to grow to 820 billion rubles from the current 600 billion rubles.

The Agency has sought the help of the regulator, because other significant sources of liquidity at ACB no, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MDM Bank Oleg Vyugin. “Increased contributions to the insurance Fund is insufficient to continue the cleaning process of the banking market”, — he said. “Given the fact that the speed of withdrawal of licenses from banks has not reduced, ASV will still have to resort to the support of the Central Bank”, — said the head of the group Finance ACRES Kirill Lukashuk.

“The pace of liquidations unscrupulous banks is not reduced, reorganization continues, the Fund is exhausted and to increase the limit on loan ASV, the Central Bank simply is not possible for the performance of ASV commitments” — explains the analyst of Raiffeisenbank Denis Poryvai. However, he notes that the state’s chances to receive money from the sale of assets, who are in bankruptcy, in most cases, extremely low.

According to ASV at the beginning of October, since the establishment of the Agency of 2.67 million depositors received insurance indemnity in the amount of 1.12 trillion rubles.

The original size of credit lines obtained by the Agency from the Central Bank amounted to 110 billion rubles., but then was increased to 250 billion rubles in March 2016 — up to 420 billion rubles, and in the summer it was extended for another 180 billion rubles to 600 billion roubles.

Only since September, the Central Bank revoked the license of the Ulyanovsk Regional commercial Bank (397-th place by assets in the ranking prepared by “Interfax CEA”), the Petersburg Bank “Tetrapolis” (500-e) and Vyborg-Bank (342 ranked) and Metropolitan Bank (61-th place by assets), Finprombank (105th place), Military-industrial Bank (98th place) and Imagebank (144th place).

Shell has secured the agreement to sell Russian gas abroad

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Anglo-Dutch Shell has received from “Gazprom” the agreement to sell Russian gas abroad through a joint project company group “Baltic LNG”

Agreement on the Baltic LNG project has reached the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller and the head of Shell, Ben van beurden. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the essence of the document lies in the fact that Baltic LNG was granted the right to export Russian gas without an Agency agreement with “Gazprom export”. In this case, the gas will be able to buy, and then resell abroad one of the trading Shell structures.

The condition for trading the failure of Shell from the supply in those European countries where gas from the Baltic LNG will compete with pipeline gas from “Gazprom”.

To implement this idea you need to make changes to the legislation, because right now the export possess a state company.

In addition, Shell is discussing with Gazprom getting gas assets in Russia in exchange for Gazprom to receive a certain position in Asia. However, according to the publication, such a deal now hampered by U.S. sanctions.

The sources indicate that the agreement with Shell is part of the overall agreement, which are not yet fixed. The document by which the Anglo-Dutch company will enter into the shareholders of “Baltic LNG”, may be concluded in a few months. It is assumed that the proportion of Shell in the project will amount to 35%, “Gazprom” — 51%.

Court of Chad has fined Exxon Mobil for a record $74 billion

Photo: Reed Saxon/AP

Court of Chad has fined Exxon Mobil $74 billion. This amount is equal to the GDP of the African country for five years

As reported by Bloomberg, the court in the Chadian capital n’djamena upheld the claim of the Ministry of Finance, accused the Exxon Mobil-led consortium of failing to pay taxes. The court found that the U.S. company must pay in connection with the payment of $74 billion, and further to transfer $819 million in royalties.

The decision of the court of n’djamena is remarkable that the fine imposed them — for the largest oil companies. Until now, the maximum payout for a total of $61 billion, saying BP after the accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Then, as a result of an accident on an oil platform, 11 people were killed, and the ecology of the region had suffered considerable damage.

However, as pointed out by the Agency Bloomberg , an expert in international law from Los Angeles Jeffrey Atik, Chad is unlikely to receive the full amount that they requested the court of n’djamena. According to him, other countries will not help a child to enforce the decision. If Exxon Mobil decides to leave the African state, leaving behind all their possessions, in this case, losses are not so great.

The representative of Exxon Mobil Todd Spitler has said that the company disagrees with the decision of the court of Chad. However, he did not attempt to explain how the African country’s authorities took the amount specified in the lawsuit.

Exxon Mobil since 2003, produces oil in Chad, and also owns a pipeline which produced comes to Cameroon for further export. Partner work some time was Chevron, but in 2014, she left the project.

In 2006, the President of Chad, Idriss déby has accused Chevron and Malaysia’s Petronas for not paying taxes, demanding from them in 24 hours to shut down its operations and leave the country. However, later the case was closed.

From Berlin to Sochi: “Rosa Khutor” will start selling tour packages for foreigners

Vacationers in the ski resort “Rosa Khutor”

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Ski resort “Rosa Khutor” will start the sales of tour packages for foreign tourists departing from Berlin. European fans of freeride will help the resort with the occupancy outside of high season, consider the interlocutors RBC

The aircraft on the route Berlin — Sochi — Berlin will run weekly on Sundays from 15 January to 26 February. “German tourists prefer to spend in ski resorts at least one or two weeks”, — explained in the message of “Rosa Khutor”.

Partner resort will be one of subsidiary airlines of Lufthansa, the “Rosa Khutor” will fully redeem seats on the plane — 180 seats, according to a press release. The cost of a week-long packaged tour will start from €879 per person including flights, accommodation and airport transfer (but to purchase the tickets and without reference to payment at the resort). In Germany tours to the “Rosa Khutor” will be sold in travel agencies in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, and Rostock. Also buy tour will be through German tour operators and online shop of the resort. “This product can be also interesting for Russian tourists because of Sochi there are no direct flights to European countries”, — explained in the message. Obviously, talking about the fact that the return flight Sochi — Berlin will benefit residents of the South of Russia.

“100-150 [per week] the resort will not make the weather,” — said the Director of tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin. In his opinion, the real commercial effect, it will be possible to say when “Rosa Khutor” agree on the organization of air transportation of at least ten cities in Europe. Obviously, understand that in the “Rosa Khutor”. The first project is a pilot character, and in the future, the company plans “to increase the share of foreign tourists (in tourist traffic. — RBC) at least two times,” says the report. According to the “Rosa Khutor” in the winter season 2015/16 the resort was visited by about 800 thousand people, of which only 5% (40 thousand) was attributable to foreigners.

Vice-President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Vadim Prasov considers that the European program of “Rosa Khutor” has commercial prospects and meaning. The period immediately after long Christmas holidays in Russia, even the ski resorts cannot be called “high” — most prospective customers, countrymen already went on vacation, and revenue object falls.

According to the Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin, the occupancy rate of the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana and “Rose Farm” in 2016 reached about 78% in winter and 73% in summer. And in the period from January to August, the download was “only” 58%. “When the maximum peak of the season passes, there are reserves that can be used for other target groups” — says Vadim Prasov.

Krasnaya Polyana is quite popular in narrow circles freeriders (fans off-piste), the Romashkin. The best time for backcountry skiing in Krasnaya Polyana powder — it is just February and March. Where to ski off-piste directly from the ski lifts, which is rare in other European resorts and it is essential for freeriders. Besides play a role and the relatively low price of tours due to current exchange rates, puts Prasov.

Attraction of foreign tourists will help the city to reduce potential risks and have a positive impact on its reputation, says Yuri Barzykin. “This addition of a new auditorium, and the risks because travel conditions can change very quickly. The redistribution of tourism within the country, opening a new range, says the Barzykin. — Finally, for domestic consumers is important if the Spa is in demand abroad and, it turns out, corresponds to high European level”.

The representative located in the neighborhood with the “Rosa Khutor” resort “Gorki Gorod” Elena Zakharova told RBC that this year the company does not intend to sell package tours, although she has a tour operator license. Currently, the resort provides tourists propagate tours: the opportunity to book accommodation together with the transfer, but does not have agreements on the organization of flights by airlines, said Zakharov. The share of foreigners, guests in “roller Coaster Town,” she praised as comparable with the number mentioned in the message of “Rosa Khutor”.