Mei said the lack of alternatives to her plan for Brexit

Its proposed course on the exit of Britain from the EU, the Prime Minister called the “right and the only one that will work.” After its publication this week of the resignation of a number of British politicians, including three Ministers

Theresa May

(Photo: Matt Dunham / AP)

Prime Minister Theresa may wrote an article for the British tabloid The Sun. In it, the politician declared that alternatives to its plan for Brexit from the authorities there, and if members of Parliament will reject the deal, “they just return everything to the beginning.”

“There’s no other approach with which we could agree. The course, which I’ve determined is right for our country and the only one that will work,” said may.

To reach agreement with the EU, she, according to her, had to make some difficult decisions. It wasn’t easy for her, the Premier said, noting that some of her colleagues in the government felt that will not be able to sign this plan. “I respect that, but I strongly believe that the course that I found, is the only correct one for our country”, — said the politician.

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