In the UOC, told about the attempt to storm the residence of Metropolitan under the Dnieper

Supporters of the autocephaly tried to break down the doors and storm the residence of Metropolitan of Dnipropetrovsk region. At the gate of the building they then hung the posters with appeals to the Metropolitan Krivoy Rog and Nikopolska “forget Moscow”

Photo: screenshot from video

Supporters of granting the Ukrainian Church autocephaly tried to storm the residence of the Metropolitan of Krivoy Rog and Nikopol Ephraim (Ivan Kizai) in Dnipropetrovsk region. About it it is spoken in the message on the website of information Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP). In his statement, his representatives referred to the local portal “First of Krivoy Rog”. He has published a video from the scene of the incident.

The footage noticeably, in front of the residence gathered a group of people. In the hands of many of the protesters are holding posters with slogans “Krivoy Rog — Ukrainian Church”, “Ephraim, forget Moscow,” “We are for Tomos (letter on the independence of the Ukrainian Church. — RBC), Ephraim, are you with us?” and others. Some of the protesters are trying to open the gates, others to climb the fence.

“They tried to break down the doors of the building and shouted insults at the ruling Bishop of the diocese of Krivoy Rog that he does not support the idea of “grant Thomas” Ukraine”, — told in the outreach Department of the UOC-MP. For all events, as noted by the representatives of the Church, was watched by the police, but “provocateurs they did not prevent damage to the premises of the diocese”.

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