HSBC noticed the lack of global optimism among Russian companies

Economic optimism of Russian companies on the foreign markets was lower than in other countries surveyed by HSBC Bank. Respondents are more optimistic when the issues relate not to the global situation, and their business

Photo: i-Images / Barcroft Images / TASS

Amid talk of tougher sanctions, the Russian companies are optimistic about the prospects of international trade was lower than the world average, the research showed the HSBC Bank, received by RBC.

The positive Outlook given by representatives of 69% of workers in the country, while globally the figure was 78%.

Study in Russia HSBC held for the first time: experts interviewed the top managers of the 350 companies in different sectors of the economy during six weeks, from July to September. About this period had exacerbation of the sanctions rhetoric in the U.S.: in August the U.S. state Department announced plans to impose sanctions against Russia in connection with the case of the poisoning of the family Skrobala, and U.S. senators prepared a bill to expand sanctions, which may affect foreign investments in the Russian public debt and limit the dollar calculations of the Russian state-owned banks.

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