Experts reported about large-scale hackers ‘ attack on Russian banks

According to Group-IB, phishing emails disguised as official communications of the Central Bank, received on Thursday more than 50 Russian banks. In “Kaspersky Lab” called the sending part of a targeted attack hacker group The Silence

Photo: Luke MacGregor / Bloomberg

Thursday, November 15, experts Group-IB company has recorded a mass mailing malicious emails sent by cyber criminals in several dozen Russian banks under the guise of official reports of the Central Bank.

“Letters with the theme “information of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation” offers to the recipient to read the ruling of the regulator “On the unification of the format of electronic Bank messages of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation” and to proceed immediately to the execution of the “order”, — stated in the message of Group-IB.

The company explained that the style and design of phishing emails was almost identical to the official communications of the Bank of Russia, however, was sent with a fake address of the controller.

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