Exchange without Rosneft: what will happen to the fuel market

“Rosneft” unilaterally stopped trading the fuel on the stock exchange on Friday, it led to higher prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. RBC found out what move the company faces market and Rosneft

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

“Rosneft” for two days — 15 and 16 November — has stopped the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel on Sankt-Petersburg international commodity exchange, follows from the data of the auction.

On 16 November, the trading volume amounted to 72,783 tons Is 15% less than November 14, when “Rosneft” even participated in them. On 15 November due to the departure of “Rosneft” to exchange the volume of transactions fell by 19%, to 69,106 thousand tons of oil products.

On 16 November, prices for all types of fuel: gasoline AI-92 rose by 2.28% to 49,702 thousand rbl. for 1 t, AI-95 — by 1.5%, to 52,805 thousand rbl. for 1 t, and winter diesel — on 2,63%, to 55,892 thousand RUB per 1 ton.

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