Trump – Muslim leaders: “a Better future is only possible when your people will expel terrorists and extremists”

Трамп – мусульманским лидерам: «Лучшее будущее возможно только тогда, когда ваши народы выгонят террористов и экстремистов»

The US President called on Muslims to unity in the fight against terrorism

The US President Donald trump on Sunday urged the Muslim world to unite in the fight against terrorism, saying dozens of leaders of the Muslim countries participating in a regional summit in Riyadh that it is “about the battle between good and evil.”

Addressing the participants of the summit, trump said that he had brought with him from the United States a message of hope and love. He stressed that this explains the fact that his first foreign trip as President was marked by the visit to Saudi Arabia.

The bloodshed and the terror have hindered the development potential of the middle East, the President stated trump.

He said that the US is trying to create a coalition of countries “which share a common goal – the eradication of extremism,” and called this fight the “battle between good and evil.”

“This is not a struggle between different beliefs, different faiths and different civilizations, – said trump. Is the battle between the barbarians, criminals who want to destroy human life and are decent people of all religions who want to protect her”.

“America has suffered from barbarian attacks – from the atrocities of the eleventh September to the devastating Boston explosion and horrific murders in the San Bernardino and Orlando”, – reminded the President of the United States.

“Europe has also experienced untold horrors.How did you survive them and Africa and even South America. India, Russia, China, and Australia were victims (terrorists),” said trump.

“However, the President stated, – even judging by the figures, the toughest sacrifices are the lives of innocent people of Arab, Muslim and middle Eastern countries. In this wave of fanatical violence on them fell the brunt – murder and the most terrible destruction.”

“We can overcome this evil only if the forces of good are United and powerful and if every person in this room will do their part and take some of the burden,” he said.

“Muslim boys and girls should have the opportunity to grow free from fear, free from the threat of violence and not being tainted by hatred,” said trump. “Young Muslim men and women should have the opportunity to contribute to a new era of prosperity for themselves and their peoples,” he continued.

“This is the choice of the future, and America cannot make that choice for you,” he explained.

“A better future is only possible when your people will expel terrorists and extremists. Will expel them. Expel them from your houses of worship. Expel them from your community. Expel them from this land,” said trump.

Trump, who sought the ban on entry to USA residents of the six countries with a predominantly Muslim population, did not use the controversial phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, although often used it in speeches in the United States. Instead, he urged Islamic leaders to speak honestly about the “crisis of Islamic extremism and Islamist terrorist organizations that he inspires”.

“Will we be indifferent in the face of evil?” he asked.

Trump highlighted the problem of Iran, accusing Tehran in that it contributes to instability in the region.

“From Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen, Iran finances, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremists who spread destruction and chaos across the region,” said trump.

According to trump, the fight against terrorism “means a joint statement against the killing of innocent Muslims, oppression of women, persecution of Jews and the killings of Christians.”

“Religious leaders should make absolutely clear: barbarism will not bring you the glory, the worship of evil will not give you greatness,” – said the President of the United States.

“America is a sovereign country, and our main priority is the safety of our citizens. We are not here to teach, not to tell others how to live, what to do or what to worship. Instead, we are here to offer a partnership based on shared interests and values – the aspiration for a better future for all of us,” said trump.

“Whenever a terrorist kills an innocent person and false cries out to God, it must be an insult to every believer,” – noted in the speech of the President of the United States.

“Terrorism has spread around the world. But the path to peace begins here, in this ancient land, this sacred country, said trump, noting that “America is ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you”.

“If we are United, we will lose,” he said.

“America is ready to act together in pursuit of common interests and common security,” – said trump.

“But countries in the Middle East can’t wait until American power will not destroy this enemy for them,’ he continued. – The Middle East must decide what future they want for themselves, for their countries and for their children.”

It evoked polite applause from the audience that lasted about 20 seconds. From their seats has risen only American official delegation.

Specialist on Islam and world politics Jocelyn Sezari from the Center for religion, peace and international Affairs named after Berkeley at Georgetown University, says that the language used by trump in his speech, to indicate a “marked departure from its internal” statements about Islam.

“He never spent such a distinction between radical Islamist ideology and Islam as such, as did in this speech. However, it is unclear what this means in terms of policy decisions and their implementation,” she said.

Ahead of the speech, the US President held a meeting with the cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (in the organization consists of six States) to discuss differences with Iran, policy toward this country and the way the struggle with militant Islamism.

Turning to the question about the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians, the US President said that peace between them is possible.

Sunday trump’s speech marked a major change in the rhetoric of the President, if you remember his statements during the election campaign as “America first” and calls for the ban on entry of Muslims in America, as well as subsequent orders designed to restrict entry into the United States for residents of six countries with a predominantly Muslim population.

The visit to Saudi Arabia is unprecedented for the first foreign trip of the President of the United States. However, it should be noted that this oil-rich country with long-standing ties with the United States in the field of energy and defense, were not included in the list of Muslim countries, the entrance of which was supposed to limit.

The US deliver weapons to Saudi Arabia 110 billion dollars

США поставят оружие Саудовской Аравии на 110 млрд долларов

In Riyadh, the negotiations of the U.S. President and the king of Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, the President of the United States Donald trump began his first official trip abroad with a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia became the first country trump attends during his first trip outside the United States as President.

Upon arrival at the airport, President with his wife, Melania, he met king Salman. Along with trump, they were held in the Royal hall at the airport, where they held a short conversation. Few moments after, the official motorcade went from the airport to the city.

The airport was transferred to the strengthened mode of security. There were military vehicles.

The Queen’s award to President

In the beginning of the meeting to the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz presented the President of the United States Donald Trump the highest award of the Kingdom of civil merit.

The ceremony was held at the Royal Palace in the capital Riyadh. Zalman king was awarded the U.S. President the gold Medal of King Abdel-Aziz Ibn Saud – the state award of Saudi Arabia for civil merits.

Then the ceremony of signing of a military agreement for the supply of American military equipment in the amount of 110 billion dollars.

Weapons and new jobs

This deal is for the supply of arms aims to strengthen the military capabilities of Saudi Arabia.

“This complex supply, which includes military equipment, as well as its maintenance, is designed to provide security in the long term for Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries face an Iranian threat. It will also strengthen the capabilities of the Saudi Kingdom to contribute to the fight against terrorism in the region, thus reducing the load on U.S. military operations,” reads a White house statement.

According to the White house, the agreement will provide new opportunities for American companies in the middle East and will help create “tens of thousands” of new jobs in the defense industry of the United States.

The deal includes an agreement in the amount of $ 6 billion, in which Saudi Arabia will be build 150 helicopters Blackhawk Lockheed Martin, resulting in the Kingdom will create 450 new jobs.

Saudi Arabia became the first country trump attends during his first trip outside the United States as President.

Upon arrival at the airport, President with his wife, Melania, he met king Salman. Along with trump, they were held in the Royal hall at the airport, where they held a short conversation. Few moments after, the official motorcade went from the airport to the city.

The airport was transferred to the strengthened mode of security. There were military vehicles.

Meeting with the leaders of the Muslim world

The decision to visit Saudi Arabia during the first official foreign visit of the US President was unprecedented. Moreover, it is the first country, where he arrived the trump at the beginning of the trip.

This choice raises many questions, whereas rhetoric trump’s “America first” and calls during the election campaign to impose a ban on the entry of Muslims to the US from countries with strong terrorist threat. Later, these calls have been implemented by signing the relevant decrees.

Saudi Arabia, with its long and strong ties with the US in energy and defence, were not included in the list of six countries with a predominantly Muslim population, whose citizens were temporarily denied entry into the United States.

During the first day of his visit, trump met with king Salman and other members of the Royal family. On Sunday, he will participate in the regional summit, which will be presented to the leaders of the Arab and Muslim countries. We will focus on the fight against extremism.

On Friday, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo confirmed participation in this summit. “This is the first meeting of the new US Administration with the Islamic countries. Will have the opportunity to discuss important issues relating to the fight against radicalism and terrorism,” – said the representative of the government of Indonesia.

Sweden has stopped the investigation into Assange of rape

Швеция прекратила расследование по делу Ассанжа об изнасиловании

The United States continues to conduct an investigation against the founder of WikiLeaks for publishing classified materials

Swedish prosecutors announced the termination of a 7-year investigation against WikiLeaks founder Australian Julian Assange.

On Friday, the Swedish prosecution authority issued a statement according to which “the chief Prosecutor Marianne Nye has decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation against Julian Assange on suspicion of rape”.

In connection with the rape case in Sweden acted on the arrest warrant for Assange. However, the WikiLeaks founder was granted asylum in Ecuador since 2012, the year was on the territory of the Embassy of this South American country in London. This allowed him to avoid arrest and extradition.

The U.S. Department of justice conducts an investigation against Assange since at least 2010, when WikiLeaks published thousands of stolen secret documents of the United States.

In the past month in Washington, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that in 2010, the year WikiLeaks has instructed intelligence in the U.S. intelligence intercept “certain non-public information”, which “primarily had to do with the United States.”

According to the intelligence services of the United States, Russia has used WikiLeaks to publish e-mails of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

It is believed that Russian hackers broke into the accounts of members of team Clinton and representatives of the National Committee of the Democratic party, and subsequently published their email correspondence on the website WikiLeaks with the aim to influence the outcome of elections in the United States.