Game review Uncharted 4: what not to miss

And the first part of Uncharted was criticized for misplaced mysticism, and the third for inappropriate drama to see both (and mystery and drama in abundance filled The Last Of Us) in Uncharted 4 as something no longer wanted.

And then there’s the name is chosen: a Thief’s End, literally — “the end of the thief” (official Russian translation of “the way of the thief”), and announced that Uncharted 4 will be the last game of the series. In General, it is not surprising that many have been waiting for a bloody and dramatic death of the protagonist and all the main characters immediately.

But it turned out quite the opposite. And not in the spirit of The Last Of Us — and it is very good. Uncharted 4 has retained all that was good in the series, while from it cut that hurt the mystique, and added what was missing: more freedom and mission control of the jeep.

The plot

Uncharted is one of those games where the story plays an important role. The level of entertainment of any part of Uncharted ahead of all the so-called “interactive movies” like Heavy Rain, and it has elements of the “real” game, that is, full gameplay — where the action hero is fully subject to us. We run, jump, shoot, solve puzzles, well, periodically we are shown the cut scenes.


How do you like the realism of the interior? But it’s not a cut-scene, and live gameplay!

It is important to note the high level, in fact, setting — cut scenes do not strain, their duration and location in the plot in tune with the game and allow you to enjoy the gameplay and watching cut-scenes as a single process, which is impossible without some one part of it.


Facial animation is beyond praise

So. In the fourth part we got a new ally, Sam Drake, older brother of Nathan Drake. Nathan believed that he was killed during his escape from prison (we’ll see in one of the first chapters of the story) — and that is why we informed about Sam heard nothing. The explanation is splendid — it is clear that to develop 4th part of no Sam in the “Canon” (as it is now fashionable to call it that) was not, however, the writers very wisely enter Sam in the story, showing us, in particular, and footage from the brothers ‘ childhood. We will again be able to play as a little of Nathan Drake (here he is even younger than in the flashback of the 3rd part), and at the same time will see, when in fact he took the surname of Drake.



Brothers Sam and Nathan: in childhood and in adulthood

Sam and Nathan are together to search for treasures in the famous feast of Henry Avery and abandoned Libertalia — mythical pirate colony, built kind of like on the ideas of freedom and equality. Of course, Libertalia they find, and figure out that there is not all so rosy — and even here, there is a feeling that the game authors decided to turn to political satire.

Also quite expectedly, the game has a lot of references to previous installments. This also applies to the discussion of the characters previous adventures of Drake, and some similar situations, and even (in a couple of places) — similar locations.


The last Uncharted 2 will recognize this silhouette

But the most interesting reference to the past that we found is the ability to play one level from the old platformer Crash Bandicoot.


Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted 4

This game Studio Naughty Dog developed for the PlayStation, making the crash Bandicoot official mascot of the console.


The first Uncharted was created primarily as a shooter, and an adventure. So she starts firing. All subsequent parts — this is first adventure, and then everything else, so in the 4th part of the shoot will give us not immediately, although the action begins with the first frame.

Traditionally, Uncharted, the gameplay alternates from gunfights, acrobatics and solving relatively simple puzzles. From all this diversity the most difficult are still shooting, however, by the end of the game. Even on average difficulty will have to sweat and we repeatedly returned to the check-points because of the death of the hero.

The enemies gradually become stronger due to armor, but to stay in the same shelter and shoot all not even hope — quickly surround and nashpiguyut lead. However, the stealth got in Uncharted 4 further development — it is now possible to hide, for instance, in the grass, and the enemies after a long absence of eye contact with the hero, able to “calm down”. They even head over there are special badges indicating their level of “concern”.




Some of the gunfights can be completely avoided through stealth

But perhaps the most interesting is the levels of driving a jeep. There will be a few and they are all quite large — it seems that you can go literally wherever you want. This is especially impressive when the heroes find themselves in Madagascar (actually, the very first level with the jeep).


To ride on the jeep will be enough

But it is not only large expanses of locations, and in physics the movement of the machine. In the previous parts although we don’t steer a jeep, even without this it was noticeable that the cars drive like cardboard boxes on rails in any dash. Here everything is for real, well almost. It pulls on the arcade race.


Dirt effects in the best traditions of Motorstorm

In addition to the jeep drive still on the boat — also with a feeling of complete freedom, like in any GTA.


Sail wherever you want. Almost

But other means of transportation, as well as analog level with the train from Uncharted 2, here. Is that from the chase with jumping from truck to truck to get out will not succeed.


Traditional (with 2nd part) for Uncharted the pursuit of the convoy, we acquired additional properties

We also added various elements of acrobatics. Now the hero has a hook-cat, which can cling to the bars (you get them with nothing to confuse — it’s just like Far Cry was dragged).


Throughout the game caring the pirates have placed such units

Plus, the important element is sliding on an inclined surface — perhaps even overdone.


To get above need some time to slide down. Perhaps, this is clearly overkill

Slip too much even where it shouldn’t be.


Have subsided resentment from mismatch of the first demo game (with multiplayer) the very first trailer where Drake gets up from the puddle, picks up the gun and goes into the jungle. Yes, he was incredibly detailed and realistic. All subsequent trailers were already other.


That’s the way the game looks that showed in the first trailer. Even the jungle is not there

Indeed, the first trailer was pure fantasy, something like (from the point of view of the plot) in the game we will see, but not literally, and the picture will be different. But all the other trailers — this is live footage — that is, what we will see in the game, the engine of the game. Prerendering CGI clips here.


Grass and all vegetation looks and behaves very realistic

Anyway, graphically, Uncharted 4 is amazing. It is definitely one of the most beautiful video games ever created. I especially want to note not only the level of graphics, but the level of detail — the developers, as before, enriched each location are many minute details, objects, some labels and so on. Given that levels in comparison with previous installments, has grown “horizontally”, even it’s a shame that about 90% of the content most players will never see — just come on by.


And under water will have to swim

Moreover, the run levels are now a variety of ways, not just one narrow corridor, as it was before.

Technically, the game runs in Full HD resolution with anti-aliasing, frame rate — 30 FPS (in single player). To 60-and not reached — Yes, maybe it’s best for most movies. Importantly, the smoothness of the game definitely doesn’t suffer and no sagging FPS for all 14 and a half hours of gameplay we didn’t notice. However, the shadows sometimes have a pretty low detail, but we already carp.


The Uncharted series is amazing. Not so many game franchises as exclusives for a particular platform, become part of global pop culture. We can recall games about Mario and Zelda (Nintendo exclusives), but they take ground — and Uncharted-s, after all, only 4 (version for PS Vita do not believe). And they are only on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Even the popularity of the Halo can be explained by several parts of the port from Xbox to PC.

Of course, Uncharted 4 is the game for which it is not only possible, but even necessary to buy a PlayStation 4. Or, at least, to have someone to play with for a while. The period of “acceleration”, when PlayStation 4, there were almost no games had ended — after the successful Ratchet&Clank Sony delights us with an unconditional hit, Uncharted 4 (but there is still No Man’s Sky!). Many publications have already dubbed it the “game of the year”, we such statements will wait until — there is hope in the fall to see a new TES. However, miss Uncharted 4 is just impossible.

A review of the game Star Fox Zero: dynamic HD-retro

By the way, not so long ago a remake of Star Fox 64 became available for the portable console Nintendo 3DS — with improved textures, wide screen, well in stereoscopic 3D, of course. The beginning of the game Star Fox Zero resembles the remake as two drops of water. Therefore, we let’s start with the cons.


First of all, the developers clearly did not aim to show cool graphics as possible on the Wii U. After a stunning Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bayonetta 2 detailed and colorful Super Mario 3D World, Star Fox, Zero looks quite modest and, with the exception of some bosses, expressionless. This is especially frustrating given the protracted development time: the Wii U came out in 2012-m to year, and the last Star Fox for desktop consoles we have seen as many as 11 years ago — in 2005 for GameCube. Not that all the developers did Zero, but I would like to see more though, purely visual differences from games-predecessors of the last generation of consoles.

The second point is a little changes from the point of view of content. Star Fox Zero (especially at first) is causing deja vu: it seems to be exactly the same map level selection we’ve seen, and the levels themselves are similar. The ship is the main character, Fox, did not even learn to shoot something other than a standard laser (in addition to single shots, you can accumulate a powerful volley) and collected in a limited number of bombs.

For comparison, look at similar in the genre of Kid Icarus: Uprising from Nintendo. This game has a lot in common with the series Star Fox: there we also start flying forward, moving around the screen firing from the enemy, and then, in the second part of the level, we are given the opportunity to move in all directions. Perhaps Star Fox was worth even combine with Kid Icarus: the first obviously did not have the ability to change/upgrade weapons, and secondly look ridiculous enemies themselves, and the setting of the game in General (despite the fact that action is a killer).

But the main disadvantage of Star Fox Zero as the entire line of Star Fox — hackneyed Hollywood box stamps and images. Listening to the fellowship of the Star Fox characters Zero and one gets the feeling that the commercials 1988, in the fashion of glam rock and lush curly hairstyles, Schwarzenegger and Stallone are still young and the muscles in the movie, they carefully smear with oil.

In General, the plot, characters, dialogues — the pattern on the template and the template is sitting whipping. Of course, we are not only launching one of the best shuternyh arcades (which of course is Zero Star Fox), but has all the dialogue is either very clean (ideal), or normal to prescribe.

Finally, among the disadvantages we note the short duration of the game. If you like arcade shooters, then you will not notice how it ended. Yes, in previous Star Fox too, so it was, and the developers definitely worth it to increase the volume of the game five times. Moreover, Star Fox Zero much an outlier shuternyh typical arcade games like Nano Assault, Resogun, etc.


Scolded enough, now we praise. So after a couple of opening (not de jure but de facto) and the purely nostalgic levels start a normal game: sometimes quite complex, but still incredibly exciting. The difficulty, however, we also recorded a plus — previous parts were too simple. Here you will feel the difference between the first and last levels (they occur in the same location, albeit with different scenery). And if the first level — summer stroll in the Park, the last make sweat.

But still, of all the levels we liked best battle on the ice planet. Perhaps because it is really addictive but do not exclude that the role played by its resemblance to a battle on Hoth in Star wars. A huge enemy quadruped walking robots, scurrying around in spaceships of the enemies and “friends” — nothing like? Even the flight modes in Star Wars: Battlefront turned out not so interesting and fascinating as this level in Star Fox Zero.

Oh and not to mention that the game, despite all the similarities with the previous series, still added a lot.

What added to the game?

Star Fox Zero offers players a slightly different experience of the gameplay than in previous games. First of all, it is important to note the changed control: the developers were involved on the Wii U Game Pad, with which a space adventure became more expressive. On the TV screen, we, as before, we see the ship Fox in the back, and on the gamepad screen shows a view from the cockpit. By pressing the button “-” types can be interchanged.

The view from the cockpit allows you to aim more accurately, and indeed with its help it is sometimes easier to determine their position in space. And sometimes the opposite (switch, recall, easy).

In addition, involved and gyro — now they can more precisely aim, as it was in Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on PS Vita or Splaton on the same Wii U. However, because of the many variations of the position of the starship in space, it will often have to re-calibrate, but it is done with one button.

Even if the weapon has not changed, but we added various variants of technology. First, our ship is now able to transform into a Walker, similar not the chicken, not ostrich. Second, nowhere did the Landmaster tank, which has now learned to jump and hang in the air for a short time. Third, in a couple of missions we have to manage deception — analogue drone, but with two screws.

This diopter not only very maneuverable and can hover in one place, but also knows how on the cable to pull the robots that hacked terminals (robots, we also manage). One of the levels will be entirely devoted to this mechanics.

In short, the action in the game of the sea, and through changing modes of flight achieved a certain variability, not giving bored. I mean, that’s what-what, and in the monotony of the gameplay, we Star Fox Zero blame can not. Rather the opposite.

Star Fox Guard

Anyone who bought the disk version of Star Fox Zero free download play Star Fox Guard. It is something like tower defence, but with the active participation of the player. On the TV screen we see 12 small images from the cameras to our database and one large, from the selected camera. All the camera-equipped guns shoot where you look.

Monitor all cameras as a security officer, click on the desired Wii U Game Pad activating the one where you notice suspicious activity and, taking aim, and kill the robots, aiming to break our base.

Task — to protect the tower in the center of the base. If at least one robot-annihilator (robots there are different, some just incapacitate the camera) get to the tower — all level is lost.

Upon successful completion of all “waves” (terminology of tower defence) the enemies, go to the next level — more difficult.

In General, despite its simplicity, the game draws, and as a free add-on looks very handy.


Graphics: 5/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Control: 8/10

Overall rating: 8/10


On the one hand, Star Fox, Zero is plague gameplay, revealing the essence of concepts of “arcade” and “shooter.” In the good sense of both words. On the other hand, the conservatism of developers is surprising and a little frustrating: too much new, we’ve seen Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda, and here, in Star Fox, almost everything is the same as in the previous section.

Zero Star Fox, especially because of the short duration, looks like a great game-the forerunner, like Gran Turismo Prologue for Gran Turismo 5 or Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for MGS V: the Phantom Pain. My only fear, the “full” version of Star Fox Zero we will not see. Which is a pity.

Game review Far Cry Primal: Kirata many years ago

Actually, the main problem with Far Cry Primal (FCP) that he is not really a full game. Remember Far Cry: Blood Dragon? That’s about the same FCP is in relation to Far Cry 4. Especially convincing have heard this theory after some enthusiasts have compared the card and FCP FC4 and found that they are generally identical.

However, we think the similarity of the maps is just not a problem. Especially when playing in FCP feelings of deja-vu here because of the scenery does not arise — they are landscapes, still a little different due to the flora and fauna, and the landscape is likely different. Personally we have deja vu arisen in other situations — such as side missions to kill the courier. Or capturing outposts. Or rescue the hostages.

I mean, look, even the developers of other names came up. It is so that the couriers and outposts!

Unjustified expectations

It may also not be a problem — long-time fans of the series definitely more comfortable would feel, hearing the old terminology. Times courier — it means to catch, to kill, to take away what I said. Once the Outpost is then trimmed from the guards (remember the animals in cages), after which it will switch to the fast travel location. Well, the hostages are all clear — kill the guards until they got prisoners.

Just here we sort something else promised. Well, as promised… sort of, nothing special just not promised, just it would be logical to assume that a game about prehistoric times is something different from a game about the present. And differences — at least. Well, took away firearms. And fast transport. But the same bow and arrows in place.

Perhaps greet Far Cry Primal is hindered by the fact that in General the Far Cry series has long “had it coming” in a prehistoric setting. Remember all those missions in… Umm… a slightly altered state, shall we say? I wanted something like that, but even so it was necessary to solve problems of survival in the prehistoric world.

Only in FCP, alas, no problems with survival, no. Resources — the dam, to starve the character is not able (on food, we just replenish health if we hurt the enemy), frostbite threatens him.

Just create a shortcut of Far Cry Primal?

It’s hard to answer. On the one hand we now have one “base”, the camp of our tribe Windia, and this camp we gradually build and improve. That is, resources are now needed not only for crafting weapons, clothes and backpack, but also to improve buildings in the camp. Well, the number of residents in the camp gradually increased. Only here and there a failed strategy.

First, it is unclear why the population is growing vinju, for example, from seizure of the outposts or of the murder of the couriers. As connected to one another? Second, the number of people in the camp always is increasing, but not decreasing. Thirdly, in fact, the population of the camp has no effect. There are no battles tribe to tribe, although in General almost the entire game you’ll just fend off a tribe of cannibals. And walk, for the most part, you will have one. Accompany you will be the only tame animals (remember the tiger in the “bugs” from FC4? that is about the mechanics), one of which is owl.

Would like to tell you about the owl… well, she can fly, and you can see her eyes. And she knows how to… throw a bee bomb. But no, in this Far Cry Primal is not a slapstick or something. Just accept that the owl is able to throw the bee bombs.

Another predator — a wolf, big cat or someone else dangerous, will attack those who attack you. Or ambush your team. If he gets damage — it is possible to treat meat that you get when killing animals. It can still cuddle, but it’s no good shall not be (except off-scale imaginary “minimiser”).

In General, most of the missions in this setting due either to “go and kill” or “find”, which, however, also leads to “find, kill, collect”. In order to dilute the monotony, the developers added mission “stoned” (Yes, as in the previous Far Cry), but there needs or someone/something to find (as an option — to follow someone) or to kill.

For example, there is a mission where you need driving the mammoth to kill rhinos. It should be noted, the mission is rather clumsy because of the “rough” controls and weird movement physics as the mammoth and rhinoceros.

Language wingu

Probably the reader is already boiling resentment — as the developers dared nothing, in fact, not change, and thus sell Far Cry Primal as a full game at full price? For what they charge that kind of money? What they all were doing all this time?

Well, apparently, all this time (and money) the developers spent on the development of language wingu — tribe Takara, the main character of the game. The stuff written in that language worked as many as five linguists. Here we allow ourselves scepticism — a feeling that would be enough and one.

The language is quite simple, almost all structures are built according to one scheme: noun — subject, noun — object, verb. For example: “Zoom article to publish”. If we decided to develop our own language, such a construction would be the first that would come to us.

Separation times is missing. Declensions, conjugations — no. The words themselves sounding reminiscent of many European languages, including Russian (here we should recall the yellow Minions). For example, “daughter” is “degustar” — compare with English “daughter”. “Teeth” “Danti”. “To be able” or “able to” — “the magician”. And figure 2, and is pronounced as “two” (3 — “TRAI”).

By the way, buyers of the collector’s edition will receive in the kit a PhraseBook. Read more about what else you can find in the kit — here.

Why are we so in detail tell about the language? The fact that the authors decided to engage players in a prehistoric world, to accompany play only the minimum necessary subtitles. Well… at least all the story quests and important to the plot things will be duplicated by subtitles in Russian. But the dialogue of enemies in the Outpost, for example, is not duplicated, although know what they say, and do not necessarily like.

In General, be Far Cry Primal role-playing game, such troubles with the language would make more sense. And so, in fact, the FCP from the perspective of the mechanics of the game remains a shooter, what was the previous part. Even here you can only shoot from a bow (Yes, the spear throw).


And finally — on the chart. In General, the nature looks nice and quite realistic. Everything except water. It seems that even in Far Cry 3. the water looked better (including the previous generation of consoles), than today in top PC. The weakest point in drawing water — falls.

Models of characters and animals has changed little compared to Far Cry 3 (all these games use the same engine Dunia Engine 2, which is only slightly modified). However, as before, the characters we most often look as though through a wide angle lens, so their “puppet” — that being said, not a bug, but a feature.

As for consoles, the game runs in 1920×1080 resolution on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 1440х1080. Frame rate in both cases is 30 FPS. Visually, the difference between the consoles, as in the case with Far Cry 4, the minimum reduction of horizontal resolution at all eye much less noticeable than vertical (not least because the horizontal and so pixels more). For example, the game Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4 in multiplayer the game uses a resolution of 960х1080 (two times less than 1920×1080) and it’s still much less noticeable than if I used 1280×720.


Perception Far Cry Primal much depends on what to expect from it. If you expect just another Far Cry, no problem, it’s really just another Far Cry, the way it has always appealed to us. Yeah, added something new, something removed, but in General, as we have said, the series remains conservative. FC4 was accused of cloning FC3, and FCP is now accused of cloning FC4.

It is time to just get used to that with every new Far Cry we do not get something radically new. And FC3 were not fundamentally new in relation to FC2. And FC2 relative to FC1. A significant difference is noticeable only when comparing is not the next release, and after one or two.

The main thing — do not expect FCP simulator survival (or even arcade survival), role-playing, quest, or something else. It’s just action-adventure shooter, only without a firearm.


Gameplay: 7/10

Graphics: 7/10

Control: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Overall rating: 8/10

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD a memorable adventure

First of all, Twilight Princess is the game big enough. When it seems that the story comes to an end, it turns out that you only somewhere in the middle. And it’s not just in hours of the game, but the number of events that occur with the main character.

Plus, Twilight Princess continued the line Majora”s Mask and got revenge is pretty dark, but not depressing. However, the first time in a dark world (a player the first third of the game will have to navigate between “dusk” and “light”) is quite boring, and even the visuals don’t Shine paints (in the shadows), but if not throw the game is quickly drawn.

What’s the game about

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a fairly well-known (outside of Russia) game of the genre “action adventure”, where the main character, Link (or whatever you call it there) to fight evil and save the Kingdom of Hyrule from absorbing darkness. In the first approximation, the story is not wholly new — we’ve been doing in other parts of the Legend Of Zelda, and indeed in other games with “fabulous” story.

However, as with all Legend Of Zelda, Twilight Princess takes most of history, and method of its submission. And, traditionally for the series, the storytelling for the most part goes exactly through gameplay and not through cut scenes.

What’s the difference? There is, for example, Gears Of War. The game is good, but if you remove out all the cut scenes, it turns out that you just go and shoot. All.

There are Uncharted (sometimes even quite reminiscent of “Zelda”) is approximately equal there. A lot of cut-scenes with plot twists, but the solution of puzzles, car chases, acrobatics (especially in the first and third parts, the second is with the narrative is not very connected) — everything is to be done to the player. And it’s more interesting than if we just shoot at enemies, and the narrative would be in the cut-scenes.

In Twilight Princess cut-scenes not so much, and they mostly dialog (without voice — text only). But in the game you have to do a lot of things. To fish, to ride on the big bird to solve puzzles to help the various characters, to bargain — and much more. That is, it is not something you can do in any role-playing game with open world is that you have to do at least the minimum to pass the subject. While Yes, the open world there is a (although, someone would have said that it is “pseudoarthritis world” — permitted this wording).

And, of course, battle with monsters, of which traditionally for “Zelda” the most interesting variety of dungeon bosses and mini-bosses.

For many games from the Legend Of Zelda a characteristic move from one world to another, as if parallel. In Ocarina Of Time the hero moves between the present and the bleak future, the Link Between The Worlds — between the usual Hirulog and his “evil” version. And in Twilight Princess link not only moves into the twilight that exists in parallel with the light (the first part of the game), but also changes its appearance.

Something similar happened in Majora”s Mask — there by using masks, link can transform into other creatures. Here, the second entity Link is only one wolf. But what a wolf! No, seriously, for the idea to play Linka-wolf (and how it is implemented) the game creators need to put a monument.

The re-release in HD

The original game Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess came out already in 2006-m to year. First on the Wii and later Game Cube. Now, in 2016-m to year, after 10 years, she made it to the Wii U. And became the second “Zelda” appeared on the console.

Interestingly, the first “Zelda” Wind Waker HD was a remaster, and also the original was released on the Game Cube. Even more interesting that Twilight Princess uses a modified engine from Wind Waker, although I can’t tell — the Wind Waker much more cartoonish.

So, on the Wii U we will play (or rather, you — will, and we are already hard at play) in Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second. But changed not only the resolution of the render, and not even just graphics in General.

But first on the schedule. Indeed, many of the textures are more detailed. Some redrawn (where a lot of patterns — they can be seen in houses and shops, some have imposed “white noise” (the texture of the stones). After more than half of the game we saw maybe just a few textures that are left unchanged.

That is why you should not believe those who say that the PC-emulator the version for Wii looks better than this remaster. It’s not true.

But not only changed graphics and added extra content. This special dungeon for owners of the new amiibo Link-the wolf (by the way, amiibo with the regular Link works too in the game — they can refill ammo once a day) and new items to collect: stamps-printing. You can use them to send messages over the network.

Thus, a great game became even better. Recall, the Nintendo Wii U has full backwards compatibility with Nintendo Wii — supports all games and accessories. That is, play Twilight Princess on the Wii U it was possible before but in low resolution. Now it’s no longer a problem.

Hey, Nintendo, we want Metroid Prime HD, you hear?


The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD comes out on the Nintendo Wii U on March 4th, in the early spring (there is something symbolic). The game is difficult to assess — on the one hand, we can’t objectively put the maximum score for all parameters, with the other game, this is still from the category must have, miss it, especially the owners of the Wii U are inexcusable.

Although, one major drawback still note. Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be released for the price of a new blockbuster Nintendo, and it’s not quite fair. Somehow decided to remaster the price lower to put. In fact, many players will buy the game a second time, but any bonus programs even they are not is sad. But otherwise we were very pleased.


Graphics: 7

Control: 10

Gameplay: 10

Sound: 8

Overall rating: 9

Minecraft on Wii U: we have built, built

Of course, today Minecraft is not an indie game, where it was originally. Certainly after the company-developer, Mojang, bought by Microsoft. However, this “pixel” of the game still dominates the minds and explode sales on any platform that comes out. However, unlike most other portable games, Minecraft is quite different from platform to platform.

Briefly about the game

So, what is a Minecraft Wii U Edition? Visually this is a game in 720p (1280×720) with a frame rate of 60 FPS. What 720p and not 1080p — I wish 60 frames per second (and consistently) good.

Supported both local (up to 4 people) and online (up to 8 people) multiplayer, and local multiplayer (using split screen) the framerate drops to 30 FPS.

On the console itself the game takes less than a Gigabyte of memory, so even if you have the Wii U Basic Pack (8GB Flash memory) — is not particularly stressful. However, we recommend that for the Wii U to buy some external USB hard disk with extra power, terabytes two. Not for Minecraft, but in trust, will be useful.

The size of the game world

The issue of concern to any “microtomy” — and how big is the world here? Forced to disappoint — the world is small. The size of the game world is 864х864х511 “cubes” (remember, each “cube” is approximately equivalent to 1 square meter). 511 is vertically (from root indestructible rocks to dizzying heights), 864х864 on the horizontal plane. Thus, the size of the world game for Wii U corresponds to that on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Note that on game consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the size of the game world of Minecraft is 5120х5120х511 — vertically the same, but the area is available the horizontal plane is 35 times higher (5120 squared divided by 864 in the square). The limitation of the world in all cases made at the expense of the infinite ocean, which becomes impassable about ten blocks from the beach (the player bumps into an invisible wall).

By the way, on PCs and mobile devices, the limitations of the world in Minecraft does not already exist. And if issues with the PC version arise, you understand why the cell phones we’re playing the “infinite” Minecraft, but on the consoles — limited — we can’t.

Watching: the Xbox 360 has 512 MB of RAM, which is shared dynamically between RAM and VRAM (video memory). PlayStation 3 — hard 256 MB RAM. That is, the severely limited world of these consoles to explain how it is possible (but caching also has not been canceled, right? naturally, on PC and on mobile phones the entire game world does not fit in physical RAM).

The Nintendo Wii U has 2 GB of RAM, of which 1GB is reserved by the system and 1 GB available for games. That is, the free RAM in the Wii U is four times more than the PlayStation 3 and the size of the world — the same. So where is the justice?

Interaction with the Wii U Game Pad

Another issue that has concerned the Wii U avid-gamers — as used here the screen on the Wii U Game Pad?

Explain. Many waited for what Minecraft on the Wii U because the console is the greatest potential for such a game — and all thanks to the unique gamepad touch screen Wii U Game Pad. What advantages will it give to Minecraft?

There are two most expected benefits. First — multiplayer in full screen. One user is playing on the TV, the other on the Wii U Game Pad, and no annoying split screen (split-screen). This approach to the local multiplayer implemented, for example, in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (Wii U version, of course).

Second — work with inventory and crafting (creation of tools, blocks, potions, gear etc.). Ideally we see this picture: on the Wii U Game Pad is always present inventory, you can quickly take something “in hand” (drag into the main strip at the bottom), and quickly craft simple things (crafting 2×2), and on the bench — and complex (crafting 3×3).

In General, agree, idea is very sensible, useful, and most importantly — soar, that is, in the air. In the end, so if you release a version of Minecraft for the Wii U, specifically for these chips. And why not?

It is therefore puzzling that the developers before all this somehow did not think. Or thought of but was too lazy to implement (it’s not like they were in a hurry). Alas, Minecraft for Wii U deprived of all the advantages the Wii U, but, as we explained above with faults of versions to the outdated Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (720p, small world), even despite the superior technical specifications.

Do the developers not used the possibility of Wii U Game Pad, you ask? Yes no involved. By default, the gamepad screen is duplicated everything that happens on the screen — that is, to play on the TV, and, say, in the kitchen or in bed still. And even touch in some places supported — so you can enter text and choose items from the bottom of the quick access toolbar. Given the latter, however, is all the more puzzling why it was impossible to implement touch controls for the entire inventory. But alas — to select items in the backpack, like on other consoles have to use the analog stick.

In General, considering all the above, still happy that at least functional (a set of blocks and their functionality) there are no restrictions. Anyway, we couldn’t find them.


What, primarily, we were waiting for the version for the Wii U (the inventory on the Wii U Game Pad, full-screen local multiplayer), we have not received. In fact, we got on the Wii U version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at twice the price. Yes, Minecraft for the Wii U costs about 1900 rubles. Just compare with the other prices: Xbox 360 — 800 rubles, Xbox One — 790 rubles, PlayStation 3/Vita/4 — 1195 roubles, iOS/Android — 430 rubles.

Given that the portable version for iOS and Android has already been added and diagrams of red stone (including electric rails), and other elements of “the big Minecraft”, it is better to buy it on mobile and to play, for example, with an external gamepad (about 1500 rubles in retail) — but it will be an infinite world.

Well, either the money to spare on the PC version (probably because a PC or Mac do you have?) — even with the dollar exchange rate will only be slightly more expensive than the Wii U. But again — the endless world.


Can hardly wait for that Minecraft for Wii U will update soon and will add all of the above games on the Wii U in General rarely updated since initially, with rare exception, virtually free of bugs — Nintendo strictly monitors the quality. Well, today, it turns out, with all the nuances (including the price) that Minecraft for Wii U is almost a worse version of Minecraft.