Forbes included three Russians in a rating of successful businessmen under the age of 30

Is the founder of the venture Fund Day One Ventures Masha Drokova, as well as the creators of the service of goods delivery from abroad Grabr — wife of Artem Fedyaev and Daria Child

Child Daria and Artem Fedyaev

(Photo: Eric Bannasch / Grabr)

American magazine Forbes has published the annual rating of the most successful businessmen in North America under 30 years of age. This year in the ranking of the three Russians.

In particular, in a rating category of “Venture capital” found their 29-year-old Masha Drokova — founder of a private venture Fund Day One Ventures (based in San Francisco). “Before launching his own venture company Masha Drokova worked at Runa Capital and helped turn it into one of the most active foundations in Eastern Europe, investing in start-UPS the type of ClassPass,” says on the newspaper’s website.

The Ministry of transport gave two weeks for the creation of digital transport platform

The transport Ministry has announced a competition to develop the concept of the digital platform of a transport complex of Russia, the Agency offers to train her in two weeks. Probably most of the work has already been done, the expert assumes

The building of the Ministry of transport

(Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS)

The Ministry of transport on 7 November announced a competition to develop the concept of creating a digital platform of the transport complex (CPTK), follows from materials on the procurement website. On scientific research, the Ministry plans to spend 70 million rubles.

Applications for participation in tender are accepted till November 28, and the next day they will be considered. The winner, according to the documentation purchases, will need to develop the concept to 14 December 2018, that is in just two weeks.

According to the specifications, the contractor shall develop an overall organizational-functional scheme of CPTK, as well as proposals for its interaction with other systems of transport — ACS TC (information-analytical system regulation of transport), IGIS TS (unified state information system of transport security), ERA-GLONASS, and a toll collection system “Platon”. The winner will also have to create terms of reference for the launch of pilot zones and economic and financial justification of costs for all of CPTK.

Seagull will invest 500 million rubles in the largest incineration plant of Moscow

Part of the amount of the largest waste incineration plant in Moscow has received. In 2019, the company Igor Chaika will spend on repair more than 340 million rubles Previously Rosprirodnadzor demanded to close the plant for 90 days due to violations

Igor Chaika

(Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC)

Operator investment recycling “Charter” (60% belongs to the businessman and son of the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Chaika) in the repair and modernization of equipment of the largest incineration plant in the Moscow region MSZ-4 will be more than 512,3 million rubles, told RBC Chaika.

The plant in question, located in the industrial zone “Rudnevo” in the East of Moscow. For a year he processes about 275 thousand tons of solid waste. MSZ-4 belongs to the city. In 2018 a property complex leases, OOO “Charter”, before its exploited state ekotekhprom.

From the moment associated with Igor Chaika, the company received the plant in operation, repair and modernization of equipment “Charter”, according to the entrepreneur, invested 172,3 mln. In particular, 72 million rubles went to the repair of furnaces burning, gas-burning devices and auger unloading ash. Another 41.6 million RUB., the operator of recycling has invested in the gas purification system. 36 million rubles. “Charter” has spent on the modernization of the preparation equipment of municipal solid waste for incineration, the remaining 22.7 million rubles went to the repair of turbines and electric motors of the plant, as well as upgrading other equipment of the enterprise, its buildings and structures.

Arbitration ordered Sheremetyevo customs to pay Apple 147 million rubles.

“Eppl Rus” paid duty on imports of the Apple Watch, however, the Supreme court recognized gadgets are complex devices, and not just the clock, the import of which is subject to tax. Now customs is obliged to return the previously paid duty

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

The arbitration court of the Moscow region ordered the Sheremetyevo customs return of just over 147 million rubles of the Russian “daughter” Apple — LLC “Apple Rus”. To this decision the court reached, having considered the petition “eppl Rus” on recognition of actions of customs officers illegal, from the card case in the database of the Arbitration court of the Moscow region.

Judge Andrew Barchuk decided that customs should return “Apple Rus” “overcharged customs payments” in the amount 42,957 million rubles, and to pay interest on the amount 104,172 million rubles, said “Interfax”. A press-the Secretary of the Sheremetyevo customs Tatiana Sokolova RBC confirmed the decision of the court on payment of the “eppl Rus” the specified amount. The interests of Apple in court was presented by the Russian firm of the international network of PwC. The press service of the company declined to comment.

The WSJ learned about concealing the risks of failure of the Boeing aircraft 737 MAX peak

Boeing 737 MAX is equipped with a system allowing to avoid dangerous scoring nose during the flight. However, in emergency situations, the nose can be lowered so that the pilot will not be able to align the liner and he will go into a dive, the newspaper said

Photo: Jason Redmond / Reuters

The American Corporation Boeing withheld from airlines and pilots, using the aircraft, information that the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 can suddenly break into a nosedive. About it writes newspaper the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) with reference to the interlocutors from the Federal office of civil aviation USA, the pilots and security experts who participate in the investigation of the crash at the end of October in Indonesia plane airline Lion Air.

These models of aircraft is a function that helps to avoid dangerous scoring nose of the aircraft during flight. However, in emergency situations, the system can so lower the nose, the pilots will not be able to level flight, with the result that the ship will go into a dive, even under manual control.

Freeze with benefits: as the agreement with the government helped the oil companies

The oil company pledged to freeze prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in Russia. But in the domestic market they have to earn even more than abroad, where prices have fallen by 2.5–3.5 rubles per liter

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

Why the domestic market was more profitable?

Monday, 12 November, after long negotiations, the government and the largest Russian oil company announced about signing of the agreement, which involves the freezing of prices for gasoline and diesel at the level of June until the end of 2018, they will have to grow faster than inflation. This was at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin has announced Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

This agreement was needed after the spring jump in fuel prices and the tense situation in the fall. The worsening situation on the fuel market occurred against the backdrop of price hike of petroleum products abroad. Prices in Russia are tied to the export netback (export price excluding duties and transportation costs). Netbuki increased due to the weak ruble and high oil prices. Because of the “freeze” fuel prices in Russia, according to the calculations of EY, from 1 June (the first time the rates were frozen in the summer) to the end of the year the oilers will lose 200 billion rubles.

Gazprom will buy the pipes for the section “Power of Siberia” without a tender

Pipe major companies refused to participate in the tender of “Gazprom” for the supply of pipes for the “Power of Siberia” almost 50 billion rubles. In the end, the monopoly gave the greater part of the contract Zagorskogo the plant, agreeing to raise the price

Photo: Peter Kovalev / TASS

Direct contract

“Gazprom” has concluded the direct contract for the supply of 500 thousand tons of large diameter pipes for the area of the Kovykta — Chayanda gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”, on which the fuel will go to China, with Zahorski pipe mill (ztd), recently started to produce such products. RBC said four sources close to the pipe companies.

In mid-September, all the major Russian suppliers of pipes of big diameter pipe metallurgical company (TMK) of Dmitry Pumpyansky, United metallurgical company (OMK) Anatoly Sedyh, the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant Andrei Komarov and Izhora pipe mill (part of “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov), and ZTZ refused to participate in the tender “Gazprom” on delivery 601,904 thousand tonnes of pipes, which consisted of five lots. According to sources RBC, Trubnikov not satisfied with the price. In this tender were specified the maximum contract amount to 47,4 billion rubles.

As Russia and China are preparing a deal for an engine for a competitor of the Boeing 777

Russia and China are discussing the establishment of a joint venture to manufacture engines for wide-body long-haul aircraft. In the framework of this project in subsequent years it is planned to produce up to 600 power plants, found RBC

Photo: ZEUS / Zuma / TASS

The Chinese Corporation AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co, Ltd (AECC CAE) and Russia’s United engine Corporation (UEC, part of “rostec”) engaged in negotiations on creation of joint venture on production of engines for wide-body long-haul aircraft. About it told RBC three sources familiar with the negotiations. According to them, the business plan of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), Oct also included in rostec, and the JDC stated that the 2060 should be made about 600 such power plants.

What is the Russian-Chinese wide-body aircraft

The Russian-Chinese draft long-haul wide-body aircraft (DMFS), which must compete with Airliners A330 and Boeing 777, was launched in April 2014 of the Memorandum of intentions on creation of such a machine. Agreement on the establishment of DMFS was signed in 2016, in the framework of the official visit of Vladimir Putin to China. The project is being implemented by the JSC “United aircraft Corporation” (included in rostec) and the Chinese COMAC.

In 2017, the project received the name of CR 929. Latin letters C and R denote the participants of the project — China and Russia. A joint venture for the production of the liner will be organized in Shanghai. Russia and China are planning to invest in manufacture of $20 billion, of which the design and creation of capacities will be sent $13 billion at the production of spare parts and marketing — $7 billion.

CR 929 is supposed to be used in the growing transportation markets in South-East Asia and especially China, where revenue growth of the population actively creates demand.

Previously, the United aircraft Corporation has signed with “UEC-aircraft engine” the contract for the new engine PD-35, which will be used as the basis of the power plant CR 929, in the amount of 64 billion rubles. the Beginning of the test engine is scheduled for 2022, followed by certification in 2027.

We want to make Russia and China

The media learned about the plans to throw the builders of the Crimean bridge in the port of Taman

The government is discussing the idea of bringing to the construction of a port in Taman companies who were engaged in the Crimean bridge. Sources of “Kommersant” indicate that the project will be structures Arkady Rotenberg

Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

According to”Kommersant”, the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov November 1 discussed the question of the use in the construction of the port in Taman capacities of the organizations involved in the construction of Crimean bridge. The Ministry of transport confirmed that this question was really discussed, but a specific company is not known, but the theme itself is under consideration.

The sources believe that the construction of the port will attract a structure of the General contractor of the bridge — LLC “stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg. They also indicate that this company was mentioned at the meeting on 1 November.

According to one source, speech can go about new subsidiaries, including the subsidiaries, “Mostotrest” and other companies that worked in the Kerch Strait.

VTB proposed media dispute at ₽1 billion for the money for a stake in Rosneft

VTB insists that he had not given credit to the Qatari sovereign Fund for the purchase of shares of “Rosneft” and asked who wrote this media to pay RUB 1 billion that VTB has acted as the lender of the deal previously told Reuters

Photo: Alexey Zotov / TASS

VTB group invited the media who write about the funding of the same Bank the transaction on purchase of shares of “Rosneft” Qatari Fund Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), to sign a “legally binding agreement” at 1 billion rubles this is stated in the message of the group, received by RBC.

VTB indicates that it is not credited Qatari Fund in 2014, while “the number of foreign and Russian mass media” publications have appeared that the group “allegedly gave the company credit QIA for the purchase of shares of “Rosneft”. “VTB group has repeatedly stated that it is not”, — stated in the message.

“To resolve this dispute, we offer the media that disseminate this information to conclude a legally binding agreement with VTB Bank: in case, if their allegations are untrue, each of them will pay a billion rubles to VTB Bank, transferring money to our account” — said in VTB.