Minecraft on Wii U: we have built, built

Of course, today Minecraft is not an indie game, where it was originally. Certainly after the company-developer, Mojang, bought by Microsoft. However, this “pixel” of the game still dominates the minds and explode sales on any platform that comes out. However, unlike most other portable games, Minecraft is quite different from platform to platform.

Briefly about the game

So, what is a Minecraft Wii U Edition? Visually this is a game in 720p (1280×720) with a frame rate of 60 FPS. What 720p and not 1080p — I wish 60 frames per second (and consistently) good.

Supported both local (up to 4 people) and online (up to 8 people) multiplayer, and local multiplayer (using split screen) the framerate drops to 30 FPS.

On the console itself the game takes less than a Gigabyte of memory, so even if you have the Wii U Basic Pack (8GB Flash memory) — is not particularly stressful. However, we recommend that for the Wii U to buy some external USB hard disk with extra power, terabytes two. Not for Minecraft, but in trust, will be useful.

The size of the game world

The issue of concern to any “microtomy” — and how big is the world here? Forced to disappoint — the world is small. The size of the game world is 864х864х511 “cubes” (remember, each “cube” is approximately equivalent to 1 square meter). 511 is vertically (from root indestructible rocks to dizzying heights), 864х864 on the horizontal plane. Thus, the size of the world game for Wii U corresponds to that on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Note that on game consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the size of the game world of Minecraft is 5120х5120х511 — vertically the same, but the area is available the horizontal plane is 35 times higher (5120 squared divided by 864 in the square). The limitation of the world in all cases made at the expense of the infinite ocean, which becomes impassable about ten blocks from the beach (the player bumps into an invisible wall).

By the way, on PCs and mobile devices, the limitations of the world in Minecraft does not already exist. And if issues with the PC version arise, you understand why the cell phones we’re playing the “infinite” Minecraft, but on the consoles — limited — we can’t.

Watching: the Xbox 360 has 512 MB of RAM, which is shared dynamically between RAM and VRAM (video memory). PlayStation 3 — hard 256 MB RAM. That is, the severely limited world of these consoles to explain how it is possible (but caching also has not been canceled, right? naturally, on PC and on mobile phones the entire game world does not fit in physical RAM).

The Nintendo Wii U has 2 GB of RAM, of which 1GB is reserved by the system and 1 GB available for games. That is, the free RAM in the Wii U is four times more than the PlayStation 3 and the size of the world — the same. So where is the justice?

Interaction with the Wii U Game Pad

Another issue that has concerned the Wii U avid-gamers — as used here the screen on the Wii U Game Pad?

Explain. Many waited for what Minecraft on the Wii U because the console is the greatest potential for such a game — and all thanks to the unique gamepad touch screen Wii U Game Pad. What advantages will it give to Minecraft?

There are two most expected benefits. First — multiplayer in full screen. One user is playing on the TV, the other on the Wii U Game Pad, and no annoying split screen (split-screen). This approach to the local multiplayer implemented, for example, in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (Wii U version, of course).

Second — work with inventory and crafting (creation of tools, blocks, potions, gear etc.). Ideally we see this picture: on the Wii U Game Pad is always present inventory, you can quickly take something “in hand” (drag into the main strip at the bottom), and quickly craft simple things (crafting 2×2), and on the bench — and complex (crafting 3×3).

In General, agree, idea is very sensible, useful, and most importantly — soar, that is, in the air. In the end, so if you release a version of Minecraft for the Wii U, specifically for these chips. And why not?

It is therefore puzzling that the developers before all this somehow did not think. Or thought of but was too lazy to implement (it’s not like they were in a hurry). Alas, Minecraft for Wii U deprived of all the advantages the Wii U, but, as we explained above with faults of versions to the outdated Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (720p, small world), even despite the superior technical specifications.

Do the developers not used the possibility of Wii U Game Pad, you ask? Yes no involved. By default, the gamepad screen is duplicated everything that happens on the screen — that is, to play on the TV, and, say, in the kitchen or in bed still. And even touch in some places supported — so you can enter text and choose items from the bottom of the quick access toolbar. Given the latter, however, is all the more puzzling why it was impossible to implement touch controls for the entire inventory. But alas — to select items in the backpack, like on other consoles have to use the analog stick.

In General, considering all the above, still happy that at least functional (a set of blocks and their functionality) there are no restrictions. Anyway, we couldn’t find them.


What, primarily, we were waiting for the version for the Wii U (the inventory on the Wii U Game Pad, full-screen local multiplayer), we have not received. In fact, we got on the Wii U version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at twice the price. Yes, Minecraft for the Wii U costs about 1900 rubles. Just compare with the other prices: Xbox 360 — 800 rubles, Xbox One — 790 rubles, PlayStation 3/Vita/4 — 1195 roubles, iOS/Android — 430 rubles.

Given that the portable version for iOS and Android has already been added and diagrams of red stone (including electric rails), and other elements of “the big Minecraft”, it is better to buy it on mobile and to play, for example, with an external gamepad (about 1500 rubles in retail) — but it will be an infinite world.

Well, either the money to spare on the PC version (probably because a PC or Mac do you have?) — even with the dollar exchange rate will only be slightly more expensive than the Wii U. But again — the endless world.


Can hardly wait for that Minecraft for Wii U will update soon and will add all of the above games on the Wii U in General rarely updated since initially, with rare exception, virtually free of bugs — Nintendo strictly monitors the quality. Well, today, it turns out, with all the nuances (including the price) that Minecraft for Wii U is almost a worse version of Minecraft.