S&P estimated the probability of the extension of sanctions against Russia

The extension of sanctions against Russia, most likely, will be a point it will not have a significant impact on the macroeconomic situation, according to the rating Agency

Photo: Scott Eells / Bloomberg

Rating Agency S&P has estimated the probability of extending the anti-Russian sanctions. Most likely, the most stringent measures will be adopted in its present form, and restrictions are directed against private individuals, companies and banks, said at the conference, S&P Director of sovereign ratings Agency Karen Vartapetov, the correspondent of RBC.

“Russia, as we think, in General, adapts to the existing sanctions in the background, which currently seems to us, again, has an impact on the long-term, the potential GDP growth rate,” said Vartapetov. However, since August has increased short-term risk of tighter sanctions, he recalled. The presence of a macroeconomic shock associated with the introduction of sanctions, “does not necessarily mean pressure on the ratings, given the extremely high stability of the Russian economy,” the expert said.

Quotes of Brent for the first time in six months fell below $69

A barrel of North sea Brent for the first time since April 10 have fallen in price below $69. Decrease in quotations has occurred against the background of statements of Donald trump

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In the course of trading on the London stock exchange a barrel of Brent on the night of November 11 fell to $68,97 that is considered the minimum indicator for the last six months. As of 06:40 GMT the situation on the market was corrected and the price has climbed to $69,50 per barrel.

As informs Agency Reuters, the mood of traders was affected by the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump, demanded from OPEC not to cut production. In his opinion, the current prices are still too high.

According to experts, affects the prices and the strengthening dollar. Dear American currency leads to the fact that not using her countries have to buy oil at a less advantageous price.

In the U.S. Senate demanded trump stop criticizing the fed

Representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties in the Senate addressed to the President of the United States with the requirement to stop criticizing the policies of the Federal reserve system (the fed) to raise key rates

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Democrat Chris coons and Republican Jeff Flake sent a letter to Donald Trump in which he said that the statements of the President regarding the fed’s actions are undermining the credibility of the regulator and can harm the national economy, reports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). According to both the White house has no right to change the composition of the leadership of the controller and dismiss its Director Jerome Powell without sufficient grounds.

The reason for the letter the senators were the statements of trump, who criticized the fed for too often the increase in the key rate. The White house called the actions of the regulator “out of control” amid falling stock market indices.

Koons and Flake felt that the advice of the President “counterproductive and dangerous”. In their opinion, the position of the tramp can have a negative impact on the image of the regulator. Both expressed the hope that Powell, in the circumstances, will retain its impartiality.

Chubais warned of the imminent gap between Turkey and Kazakhstan

The pace of Russia’s economic growth is below average, reminded Anatoly Chubais data of the Ministry. Is the risk that the level of life in Russia can lag behind countries such as Turkey and Kazakhstan

Anatoly Chubais

(Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS)

The pace of economic development of Russia was below the global average, threatening Russia’s backwardness from the world, suggested the head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais in an interview with “Snob”.

“If growth rates remain at current levels, the world economy will improve by 3.5% annually (which is quite realistic) and we are 1.5–2% (which, unfortunately, too realistic), the trend will agree that emerges is not optimistic. This means that we will more and more detached from the world,” — said Chubais.

The head of RUSNANO said that, if you evaluate the development of the country based on the level of life of population, Russia is facing the gap not only from Europe and the United States. “After some time Russia will start to lag behind Greece, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Not on the scale of the economy and standard of living. On human capital, culture, education, health — all these components ourselves at risk, “put” yourself in a scenario that leads to the growth of the backlog of Russia from the rest of the world,” he said.

Fines and the price of gasoline: as a growing financial burden on the population

Fiscal and quasi-fiscal burden on the population in the regions is growing, drew the attention of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the government. He instructed the Dmitry Medvedev to check, “that in real life there is”

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to check the rising fiscal burden and obligatory payments in the regions. This instruction he gave Medvedev at a meeting with government members in the “Novo-Ogaryovo”.

“The unions draw attention to the fact that, in their opinion, the growing fiscal and quasi-fiscal burden on the population. It is necessary to analyze what is happening across industries and regions, to understand what is real in real life is happening there. Not on paper, but in real life,” Putin said. “Dmitry Anatolyevich, view […] with colleagues,” he added, referring to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

What is the fiscal burden?

Kozak told Putin about future inspections of independent filling stations

FAS and the Ministry of energy will conduct independent verification of the gas station on the subject of overestimate of retail prices for gasoline. Earlier this idea was criticized by market participants

Dmitry Kozak

(Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / TASS)

On the President’s meeting with members of the government of Russia Vladimir Putin said about the claims of oil companies to retail sellers of fuel, the correspondent of RBC. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, in response, spoke about the auditing plans of the networks of independent stations.

Putin said Kozak that “vertically integrated companies have a claim to retail link.” “When, in the opinion of the executives, retail play the stock market unfair, then inserts an unreasonable number of intermediaries, which aim only the price to bully and not to provide real services in the market”, — said the President.

Kozak said that “this, too, agreed.” FAS, Rosstandart, Rospotrebnadzor and instructions to ensure the activity of so-called independent gas stations from the point of view of the quality of their products and “special attention is paid to those who will to secure a higher gross margin compared to the parameters set by the decisions of the government of the Russian Federation”, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Riyadh said about the need to reduce oil production by 1 million barrels. a day

Saudi Arabia said that this is pushing the technical analysis of the market. With the idea of a possible reduction in daily supply of oil by 1 million barrels agreed the members of OPEC and OPEC+, including Russia

Photo: Nick Oxford / Reuters

The Minister of energy of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-falih at the international petroleum exhibition and conference ADIPEC 2018 in Abu Dhabi, said the need to reduce next year daily oil production by 1 million barrels from the October level, reports Gulf Business.

According to him, this agreement, OPEC members and their allies. He stressed that due to the falling demand in December, Saudi Arabia plans to produce half a million barrels of oil per day less as compared to the November indices.

After that, the head of the Royal Ministry said that the heads of energy departments of countries-OPEC and OPEC+ is not in the framework of the forum on 11 November agreed that they would do everything possible in order to rebalance the market and stop the decline of prices.

The state Duma and the audit chamber has decided on candidates of new auditors

As the new auditors of the audit chamber, whose candidacy will offer the state Duma, Dmitry Zaitsev and Aleksey Kaulbars, told RBC sources. The post of auditor from the Federation Council is the former head of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova

Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

As the new auditors of the audit chamber of the state Duma, former Director of the Department of economic analysis and forecasting of the Ministry of defense Alexey Kaulbars, and the Director of the Department of economic analysis of the audit chamber, Dmitry Zaitsev. As told RBC Federal official familiar with the preparations for the discussion of candidates in auditors of the joint venture, Kaulbars and rabbits will be offered for these positions at the meeting of the Duma faction “United Russia”, which will be held on Monday. About the imminent appointment of Zaitsev and Kaulbars also said another Federal official.

The chamber leave three auditor


In late October, audit chamber of the left three auditor Vladimir Katrenko, Alexander Zhdankov, and Bato-Zhargal of Zhambalnimbuev, wrote RBC. Only the chamber consists of 12 auditors with six of them appointed by the state Duma, and another six to the Federation Council. The auditor, as follows from the presidential decree of 1995, consistent with the status of Federal Minister, judges of the constitutional court or the head of the region.

Oreshkin suggested to Putin and Nazarbayev to make the tourism industry breakthrough

Tourism can bring Russia and Kazakhstan has considerably more money, said Maxim Oreshkin. According to him, this requires “correct” approach: state support measures, infrastructure development and de-bureaucratization

Maxim Oreshkin

(Photo: Alexander Astafyev / TASS)

In the next decade, tourism will become one of the fastest growing sectors in Russia and Kazakhstan, said Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin during the XV forum of interregional cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan, the correspondent of RBC.

Oreshkin pointed out that the contribution of tourism to the GDP of Russia and Kazakhstan is twice lower than the world average values. In Russia the contribution of this sector in GDP is 5%, Kazakhstan — 6%, while world GDP the tourism share is 10.9%. Now the export of tourist services in Russia is $9 billion, but in the next five to six years could exceed $20 billion, the Minister said.

“The right approach to business will allow to make in Russia and in Kazakhstan the tourism industry breakthrough,” — said the Minister.

Quotes Brent fell below $70 per barrel

WTI also fell below $60. Prices fall with increased production volume, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States

Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

In trading on the stock exchange ICE the price of January futures for Brent oil fell below $70 per barrel. As of 13:28 GMT the contracts were for $of 69.83–$69,84, price at the time of opening was $70,99.

Cheaper WTI: $60,67 at the time of opening to less than $59.9 per barrel.

Up to $70 Brent rose in January of this year, then lost in the price about $9, but by April its value again exceeded $70, and for the first time since November 2014 this variety was trading at around above $74. October 1 was beaten a new record: Brent took a mark more than $85 per barrel. But then prices began to decline. On 8 November, a barrel of Brent was trading less than $71.