Alfa-Bank began to identify customers by the veins in the palm

Alfa-Bank first among Russian banks began to identify VIP customers for palm vein patterns. The savings Bank began to use this technology two years ago, but its use is limited to the payment of school Lunches

The flagship office of Alfa-Bank’s VIP clients

(Photo: press-service of Alfa-Bank)

Alfa-Bank from November 1 began to provide access to the safe Deposit box without the presence of a Bank employee: customers simply scan the special reader vein patterns of the palm, RBC reported in the press service of the Bank.

The service is not yet available in the flagship office to work with wealthy clients. The decision about scaling the technology in all 15 offices private banking will be made on the basis of operating experience of the Depositary in the flagship office, told RBC managing Director of “Private alpha” Catherine Mileeva. According to the results of startup services for wealthy clients and analyzing their experience, the Bank will be able to perform scaling of this technology in other services, she said. The cost of implementing technology in the Bank does not comment.

Technology infrared scan of the vein patterns of the palm was developed by company Fujitsu, said RBC in the company, “Rosengrens”, which is a supplier of technological solutions for “Private alpha”. Each vein is unique and does not change throughout life, so no need to change identification data, said there, adding that the vein scanning technology can be used with any banking self-service terminal, requiring identification of the client.

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